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Q&A Monday – 10/24/16

Today I’m answering reader questions that were received via e-mail.  I’ve removed all personal details for privacy.  If you have a question, please feel free to email me through the contact form. Please be patient, I get close to a hundred messages a week, and it sometimes takes me a minute to get them all answered.

Q:  I love your bottle molds! I have a wooden plaque with a metal medallion on it. I want to make a mold of the medallion and then slump bottle bottoms. I have seen your info on kiln carving, but I want to exact replica of this medallion. How can I make this medallion mold or do I have to send it to a professional to make.
Thanks so much, I love your work and have played around with your ideas! I am definitely not an artist, but I sure can follow directions! Continue reading Q&A Monday – 10/24/16

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Q & A – October 3, 2016

Bottles with Enamel Labels

Did you know you can email me with any glass fusing question, and eventually I will get back to you (I get hundreds of emails, so patience is definitely a virtue!) Maybe someone else has the same question as you, just in case, I’m sharing some of the questions I get, and the answers (I have removed all personal details for privacy reasons).

Q: I have a technical question.  You know I don’t do bottles, but a friend of mine has just left me with some beautiful Grey Goose Vodka bottles and has persuaded me to try and flatten them.  Do you have any advice?  I thought it wouldn’t work as far as the images on the outside and inside, but she showed me images online of other successfully fused bottles, retaining the designs. Continue reading Q & A – October 3, 2016

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Q & A – September 26

Today I’m answering reader questions and sharing both the question and the answers with you. I’ve removed personal details for privacy reasons. Ready? Let’s do this!

Q: I would really love to do a tempered glass bowl as shown in you post. What is the fusing time for this project? I have never fused before and am looking for all the info I can get! There are 4 schedules given on the full fuse page and I want to make sure I use the correct one for the tempered glass. I have a ton of tempered glass and would love this to be my first fuse! Thank you! Continue reading Q & A – September 26

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Glass Casting, Bottle Sawing and Cats

This last week was a hectic one in the studio, I finally managed to transfer 90% of the tutorials from the Blog to the Knowledgebase, so now the tutorials are all in one place and much easier to find and use.  Yay!  This has been a big worry for me, glad to have it mostly done.

I also started a new body of sculptural work using cast recycled glass.  This is an idea that has been calling my name for a while now, and I can finally get around to it.  There are two different types of sculptures I’m working on, one is a combination of ceramic bases and cast glass tops.  I made ceramic bases first, and then had to figure out how to cast the glass to fit the base shape.  I stapled fiber paper around the base and added a nichrome wire to keep the paper nice and tight. Continue reading Glass Casting, Bottle Sawing and Cats

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10 Bottle Fusing Projects for Holiday Shows

Are you participating in holiday shows and boutiques this year?  Have you made enough art?  Getting stressed out?  Here are some ideas to get your inventory beefed up and ready to go!  (Click the title to go to the tutorial.)

1. Bottle Trinket Boxes

Bottle Glass Trinket Boxes
Bottle Glass Trinket Boxes

Made with cut bottles and fused lids.  With a little care you can create an amazingly wide variety of boxes and lids.  Cut some of the bottles taller to create bathroom storage containers.  Try displaying one with cotton balls or swabs so people get the idea.

Continue reading 10 Bottle Fusing Projects for Holiday Shows