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Man in the Moon with Stars

fused glass man in the moon

I love making things like this for the holidays, they are fun to make and easy to gift (or sell).

Materials needed:

Man in the Moon Mold

1.5L cobalt blue bottle bottom

glass drill or dremel

bead wire

crimp beads

clear glass beads

Flat blue bottle glass


glass tools

Step 1:

Kilnwash the mold, add the cobalt bottle bottom and full fuse the bottle bottom on the Man in the Moon Mold.  (In depth Bottle Bottom Fusing Tutorial here.) Read more

Using Bottle Bottom Molds


Fusing with bottle bottom molds is easy and surprisingly versatile.  To start, you need a bottle bottom mold.  We have a lovely variety in our online store, with new designs being issued regularly.  Here is one of my favorites:

Flower fusing mold

Flower Mold

Kilnwash your mold, or coat it with whatever your favorite mold release is.

flower mold kiln washed

Flower mold with kiln wash

Then add a 750mL bottle bottom (also available in our online store if you don’t feel like wrangling with a saw).  For best results, you should try and cut the bottle as close to the bottom as possible. Read more

Slumped Bottle Dish with an Enamel Label

Bottle with enamel label

Sometimes I get lucky and get a very unusual bottle in the stash.  Last fall, when this one turned up in my bottle donation box, I was pretty excited about it.

Read more

Fused Bottle Glass Glow Rocket

fused bottle bottom rocket

Here’s a fun project to do with our bottle bottom rocket mold.

Step 1:

Kiln wash the rocket mold

Bottle Bottom Rocket MoldStep 2:

Mix 1/2 teaspoon white Float Fire frit with glow powder: Read more

Compatible Products for Fusing Recycled Glass

Sometimes it’s nice to add a little something extra to your bottle fusing project, here’s a handy list of product that I’ve used over the years, the suppliers that I purchased them from, and a tutorial or two to get you started.

Read more

Channel Bead Molds

Channel Bead Mold Kit

Channel bead molds are great for making larger kiln formed beads.  The outer two channels are slightly narrower for making smaller square beads, the center two channels slightly larger for making focal beads, or beads with two holes for more complex designs.

Materials needed:

Channel bead mold kit

bottle glass of various colors

kiln wash

Step 1 Read more

Fused Bottle Glass Hearts and Flowers

fused recycled glass flower

Occasionally in the very mixed bag of bottles that ends up in my studio, there will be an oval shaped one.  Oval shaped bottles slump well, there isn’t much chance of them rolling about on the shelf.  But, they are also wonderful for making other things.  If you get an oval shaped bottle, consider making flowers and hearts instead of just another cheese tray.

You’ll need an oval bottle tall enough to cut 8 rings (for a flower) or 2 rings (for hearts) Oval bottles come in different heights, so maybe cut the bottle first and see how many rings you end up with before you start.

Oval bottles: Read more

Bottle Glass Frit Ball Votive

Bottle Glass Frit Ball Votive

Some time ago we learned how to make bottle glass frit balls, and a heat based way to make bottle glass frit.  Now, let’s do a project using our bottle glass frit and Float Fire.

Materials needed:

bottle glass frit in blue and clear

Cherry Red Lead Free Float Fire

4″ square tile mold



dust mask or respirator

diamond files

small votive or floral former Read more

Leaf and Droplet Glass Donuts

recycled glass chime

A lot of bottles get cut up around here, somewhere around 60 a week, and I’ve never been able to figure out what to do with the shoulder section of the bottles.  I usually just pitch it into the city glass recycling system, which is fine I suppose.  But it would be nice if I could just use them up.

recycled glass bottle shoulder Read more

Triangle Bar Beads for Windchimes

triangle bar beads

Yet another use for the versatile Triangle Bead Mold kit.  Even if you don’t make jewelry, you might want to buy one of these, they are pretty darn cool.

What we are doing today is using the whole length of the bead mold to make long triangular bar beads that can be used in windchimes.

Materials needed:

Triangle Bead Mold Kit (includes mandrels and bead release)

flat bottle glass in desired colors

kilnwash Read more