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Fusing with Imitation Gold Leaf

fused float glass bowl


Some time ago, I picked up some imitation gold leaf from the craft store for a completely different project and thought I’d give it a try in the kiln.  This is still one of my favorite pieces, it belongs to someone else now, but luckily I get to visit it. Continue reading Fusing with Imitation Gold Leaf

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Silkscreening on Float Glass with Mica


I’ve always wanted to try silk screening on glass, and this past week, I got the chance.  I was surprised at how easy (relatively) the process was.  Making the silkscreen doesn’t lend itself well to video (lots of waiting around), so I’ll outline that process here:

The Silkscreen

Step 1:

Start by creating your design.  I used photoshop to create this pattern of 5 brine shrimp that I would be creating a screen of.  [TRIVIA: Brine Shrimp are also known as Sea Monkeys, and are the only critters that live in the Great Salt Lake.] Continue reading Silkscreening on Float Glass with Mica

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2 Part Stamps for Glass Printing

custom rubber stamps

One of my favorite things to do with recycled float glass is to use stamps and frits to print images on the glass. With a little ingenuity, you can print on both sides for a slightly 3D effect. This tutorial shows how to make a set of two stamps to print a butterfly on float glass prior to fusing. The complete step by step instructions are below the video.
Continue reading 2 Part Stamps for Glass Printing

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Printed Float Glass Butterfly Coasters

Stamped Float Glass Coasters


In last weeks newsletter, we talked about using giant rubber erasers to make custom stamps for printing on float (window) glass.  This weeks newsletter shows 3 different frit sizes that can be used with stamps for printing on glass.

Today’s tutorial is how to make these cute butterfly coasters by using the two different stamps we made and printing on both sides of the glass.  Complete step by step instructions below the video.

Continue reading Printed Float Glass Butterfly Coasters

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Fused Butterfly Pendant Tutorial

Fused glass butterfly pendant

This tutorial builds on the previous post about Fusing with Plaster Forms.  We’ll be using one of the Plaster of Paris butterflies that we made last time.


2 pieces of thin clear window or bottle glass

Plaster of Paris butterfly

1.25″ of 20 gauge Nichrome wire

Round Nose pliers Continue reading Fused Butterfly Pendant Tutorial

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Making Glue Chip Glass


Some time ago I was given a stack of glue chipped float glass.  I found it was good for all sorts of things, but, inevitably, I ran out.  After some investigation online (and offline), I found several methods of making my own glue chip glass.

I will say here that I am not after a perfectly predictable pattern of chips, and this method is probably a bit slap dash, but it works well for me, so I thought it may work well for you. Continue reading Making Glue Chip Glass

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Fusing with Thick Tempered Glass

Fused painted tempered glass

As you may have noticed, I do a lot of projects around here. It’s become a habit to photograph each step. What isn’t usual is for me to post projects that I’m only ambivalent about. However, a wise lady told me it was useful to her to read about what DOESN’T work as well as what does, so here goes. This is a project that the technique ‘worked’, but I wasn’t super happy with the outcome, it’s just…okay.  I’m putting it out here in case someone else has a great idea that needs just this technique.

Continue reading Fusing with Thick Tempered Glass

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Lentil Bead Molds

kiln formed bead molds

Materials needed:

Lentil Bead Mold (any size, or ALL the sizes for extra fun)

Kiln Wash

Glass frit

Step 1.  Prepare the mandrels.

Each bead kit ships with a dozen mandrels and a tube of bead release, so you’re all set to go when your kit arrives. Continue reading Lentil Bead Molds

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Triangle Beads with Mica

fused recycled glass beads

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more variations on the triangle bead, here comes a new tutorial!  (Actually, there are a few MORE variations you haven’t thought of yet.  We’ll get there.)

This version is a bit more complicated than the painted triangle beads.  We’ll be using mica to give our recycled glass beads a bit of shine.


Piece of thin sheet glass, float glass or evenly flattened bottle glass work great

polishing grit, I’m using a 180/220 mix


small piece of glass to create friction with

mica powders and medium (I’m using copper, gold and silver with liquid hairspray)

Continue reading Triangle Beads with Mica

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Bottle Frit and Float Glass Stress Test

float and frit compatibility test

Last month we looked at fusing mixed bottle glass and the internal stress that it causes in the glass due to incompatibility.  The post was very popular, and I received a number of requests both to explain how to stress test your own glass, and if I could test a bottle glass frit fused on float glass combination.  Both are great ideas, so I combined them in what will hopefully be a helpful guide.

Testing for Incompatibility

Setting up the fusing test

Start with the glass that will be tested, we’re using four pieces of float glass and bottle frit in 3 sizes.
Continue reading Bottle Frit and Float Glass Stress Test