heart kiln carving pattern

Flaming heart kiln carving pattern finished project.

Since Valentines day is just a hop, skip and a jump away, I thought we’d do a heart pattern for January.  Step 1:

Download the pattern from the Shop (enter all your info and click ‘check out’, no credit card or payment information is required and you will be directed to the download link).  Print the pattern, I HIGHLY recommend you print it on cardstock as we’ll be doing a series of projects with this pattern through January.

Step 2:

Cut the gray areas out of the pattern using a sharp razor knife.  I like the ones with snap off blades, whatever type you use, please be careful!

Cut the pattern stencil

Cut the gray areas away to make a stencil.

Step 3:

Place the stencil on a piece of fiber paper and pin it down.  Make sure the fiber paper is large enough to accommodate your entire project, as we’ll be placing the glass on top of the paper in the kiln. I’m using 1/32″ thick fiber paper and pinning it down with map pins on a sheet of cardboard.  Please follow all recommended safety measures for working with fiber paper!

Cutting the fiber paper for kiln carving

Pin the stencil on the fiber paper on a cut proof surface.

Step 4:

Cut away the fiber paper using the stencil.

Cut fiber paper using a stencil.

Carefully cut out the fiber paper inside the stencil.

Step 5:

Glass!  I’m using a clear flat glass from a bottle.

Flat bottle glass for fusing

Two pieces of flattened clear bottle glass for fusing.

Use one piece of the bottle glass on the pattern to measure for size.

bottle glass on kiln carving pattern

Measure glass on kiln carving pattern

You could leave it rectangular if you wished, however, I think an oval is a better choice for this pattern.  Use a marker to sketch an oval shape around the cut pattern.

using bottle glass for kiln carving

Sketch your desired shape on one piece of bottle glass.

Once you have a shape you like, cut on the line and then cut the second piece of glass to match.

cutting bottle glass for kiln carving

Cut matching oval shapes from the bottle glass.

Step 6:

Clean the glass ovals and put one of them back on the kiln carving pattern.  Add a drop of glue at the top where the hanger will be.

Glue in loop for hanging

Add glue for hanging loop.

I’m using a brass loop for a fuse-in hanger.  (You can make your own brass loops using plumber’s chain, or purchase ready to use loops in the shop.)

Fuse in brass loop

Add brass loop for hanging.

Now, add the top oval and move the whole pile to a prepared kiln shelf.

kiln carving assembled

Add top layer of glass to the kiln carving.

Ready to fuse bottle glass kiln carving

Move entire stacked project to prepared kiln shelf.

Step 7:

Fire to a full fuse using the full fuse schedule for 1/4″ glass.

Fused bottle glass heart suncatcher

Full fused project ready to go!

Step 8:

Remove the fiber paper from the back of your project and add a loop for hanging.  If you are careful, the fiber paper will peel away intact and can be used again for another fusing.

heart kiln carving pattern

Flaming heart kiln carving pattern finished project.