Float Glass Bowl for Absolute Beginners

Recycled Float Glass Bowl

Basic Recycled Glass Bowl tutorial


If you love the idea of using recycled glass but aren’t sure where to start, or maybe just need an idea to get you started, then this tutorial may be for you. This is the very most basic recycled glass project there is, simply cutting and slumping window glass.



1/4” Window glass (larger than your mold)

glass cutter

running pliers



diamond file or sanding pad

prepared slumping mold (of your choice, I’m using a triangle)



Measure your mold, or simply flip it upside down on your glass and trace around the edge.

Tracing the mold


Cut the window glass just inside the traced line.

Cutting recycled glass

Since this is a single fire slump, we need to cold work the edges prior to firing. Using your diamond file or sanding pad, smooth the edges and take off the edge. If you have a grinder, this will just take a minute.


After the edges are all smooth, clean your glass carefully, making sure the ground edges are clean.

squared edge of glass

Place the mold in the kiln. Place the glass on the mold.

recycled glass on mold

Fire using the slumping schedule.

slumped recycled glass bowl