Fusing with Brass Loops

Solid brass plumbers chain

Fusing brass loops into recycled glass artwork is relatively easy and is a great way to add loops for wind-chimes and sun-catchers. The loops are probably a bit too chunky for jewelry, unless you’d doing industrial style jewelry, then you’re good to go.

Begin with solid brass plumbers chain (available at the hardware store, or online). The chain must be solid brass, not brass plated steel.

Open the links

Open brass chain link

Cut the loops

cutting brass chain loops for fusing

Glue the loops onto your glass

brass loop glued on bottle glass

Stack your glass

Stacked recycled bottle glass and brass loop

Fuse Glass

Fused Brass Chain LoopThe brass will oxidize slightly, and can be brushed back into brightness with a brush.

Your fused piece can then be incorporated into a larger piece or you can add a string for hanging.

White flower windchime

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