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Leaf and Droplet Glass Donuts

recycled glass chime

A lot of bottles get cut up around here, somewhere around 60 a week, and I’ve never been able to figure out what to do with the shoulder section of the bottles.  I usually just pitch it into the city glass recycling system, which is fine I suppose.  But it would be nice if I could just use them up.

recycled glass bottle shoulder Read more

Glassline Paint on Fused Bottles

Fused bottles with Glassline Paint

I’ve been entertaining myself in the studio with one of my new toys.  After making color test strips, I decided to do some playing around with the Glassline paints I got for Christmas. Read more

Fusing Large and Small Bottles

Answering the age old question that is keeping us all awake at night:

Do large and small bottles fuse the same?

Let’s try it and see: Read more