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Fusing with Thick Tempered Glass

Fused painted tempered glass

As you may have noticed, I do a lot of projects around here. It’s become a habit to photograph each step. What isn’t usual is for me to post projects that I’m only ambivalent about. However, a wise lady told me it was useful to her to read about what DOESN’T work as well as what does, so here goes. This is a project that the technique ‘worked’, but I wasn’t super happy with the outcome, it’s just…okay.  I’m putting it out here in case someone else has a great idea that needs just this technique.

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Adding Texture and Pattern to Float Glass

fused float glass vase

In your fused recycled glass travels, don’t overlook float glass. Sure, it might seem like large sheets of clear window glass couldn’t be more boring, but it’s really an incredibly versatile tool. Not only is it possible to get large pieces for big projects, you can add so many things to float glass. Today I’ll show you how to add color pattern and texture to float glass, you could also use your larger sheets of bottle glass. (this technique would work with art glass as well, just use 1/4″ thick glass and make sure you use art glass firing schedules.)
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Fractured Plate Tutorial

Finished Fracture Plate

Today’s tutorial satisfies almost all of my bullet points, glass, hammers, and hairspray.  Just kidding, I have higher standards than that, although this project does have all of those elements.  The great thing about this particular project is every single one is different, you could fill a whole market booth with variations of this project and it would look great! Read more

Using Glass Powders with Texture Tiles

fired powder with recycled glass Once you’ve mastered the art of making your own texture tiles, you can bump things up by adding frits and powders to your design.  Armstrong Glass makes a line of float glass compatible frits and powders called Float Fire that work very well with recycled glass. Read more

Fusing with Copper Sheet and Wire

Recycled glass with copper sheet     When you are fusing with recycled glass and metal, don’t forget that you can mix metals, both types of metal  and different forms of the same metal.  Here is a walk through of a recent project that I did using copper sheet and copper wire.  This is also a great example about how to use glass with hard water deposits.

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Recycled Glass Lattice Bowl – Tutorial

Fused Recycled glass Lattice Bowl

Fused Recycled Window Glass Lattice Bowl

This is the third in our series of tutorial using recycled window glass.  This is a slightly more complex project, but the results are well worth it!

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Plaster Elements in Fused Glass

Sea Turtle Tray with plaster elementsUsing plaster elements in fused glass is an easy way to add variety to your basic stock of molds and shapes.  The little plaster elements are made using a mold, and a mixture of pottery plaster and silica flour in a 1:1 ratio.  However, you can also achieve excellent results with basic plaster of paris. Read more

Epic Kiln Carving

Every now and then I get a wild hair and decide to do something big and bold.  What better way to test my boundaries than with a gigantic kiln carving? This piece was created for the Nature of Sustainable Art show at Red Butte Garden that is up through the end of February.

Kiln carved cranes

Spoonbill cranes for kiln carved recycled glass panel.

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Kiln carving Pattern for December

Star Kiln carving Pattern

Kiln Carving Pattern for December

Here it is at long last, the first of the tutorials.  Thanks for waiting.  Really.  Thank you.

This star is approximately 6″ square, and can be used for a bunch of different things, you could bend it into a plate, drill holes for a hanging wire and put it in a window, cast it in a circle and put it on the Christmas Tree. If you want to slump it after kiln carving, use the suggested slumping schedule.

Wondering why my star is all yellow and funky?  I used low-E glass for this one.

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Using Hard Water Deposits in Design

All that champagne over the holidays reminded me that tiny bubbles appear to be a recurring theme in my life. Read on!

Very rarely I get a batch of window glass that has hard water deposits on it. Most people throw this glass away because it appears useless (and is often the impetus for window replacement.) BUT, there are some pretty cool things that can happen with hard water deposits on glass that can be used in recycled glass art.

Here are some fabulous dishes as an example. I cleaned the glass really well, then wiped the hard water deposit side down with a dilute vinegar mix and fused with the hard water sides together.

Recycled Glass Art with Hard Water Depost

Recycled Glass Dishes

What I got was a myriad of tiny, tiny bubbles embedded between the layers of glass. The outside surface of the dishes is perfectly glassy. Read more