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Bench Polisher From a Tile Saw

Sometimes, the tool you need the most doesn’t exist.  It’s at that moment that you realize…Hey, I could make one of those!  I’m doing an awful lot of edge cold working and don’t have a lap wheel, and my hand held polisher isn’t fabulous for edges.  So, with a little ingenuity and a sharp hack saw, a new bench polisher is born.

I started with this tile saw, since I can’t use it as a saw. (don’t buy one, it’s horrible piece of equipment)

Tile Saw for polisher conversion
Tile saw pre-hacking

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Cutting Bottles With a Tile Saw

Bottle cut with a tile saw

There are lots of ways to cut bottles, I’ve tried all of them that I can find and think of, my favorite is still the tile saw.  There are pro’s and con’s to using a tile saw, it’s a tool that is great for somethings, not so much for others.

Things to consider:

  • It’s FAST!  I can cut upwards of 50 bottles an hour with a saw.
  • Works great for bottles with surface texture or raised patterns.
  • Fairly accurate with practice.
  • Leaves a raggedy edge that is really best either cut off, or ground smooth before fusing.  I usually cut them off.
  • Is pretty darn messy.
  • Needs safety gear.  I STRONGLY recommend a respirator, safety glasses or face shield and a combination of ear-plugs and gun muffs.

I have an 8″ tile saw, so I roll the bottle into the saw blade as I cut.  If you have a larger saw, you can pull the blade through the bottle, I still recommend a slight roll, it will keep your cut smooth and keep the last little bit from breaking.

Once you get the neck and the bottom cut from the bottle, you’ll have a cylinder of glass that is the start point for lots of other projects.

Here is a short video showing how to cut the bottom from a Crown Royal bottle.

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