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January 2013 Kiln Carving Pattern

Kiln Carving Pattern

January’s kiln carving pattern is brought to us by happy thoughts of spring and a new year.  This pattern was inspired by some lovely wrought iron railing here in Salt Lake City that I ran across recently.  It much simplified, of course, but I do love the way it turned out. Read more

September Kiln Carving Pattern

kiln carving moon pattern

September’s kiln carving pattern is very easy, perfect for beginners!  With just 5 parts to cut and remove, it’s also a quick and easy project to fill that last empty corner of the kiln. Read more

July Kiln Carving Pattern

Fused Kiln Carved Bottle Glass Project

The free kiln carving pattern for July is ready!  As you may know, I live in the lovely state of Utah.  We’ve had a very hot, dry, spring, and much of my state has been on fire for the past week or so. Read more

June Kiln Carving Pattern


Kiln carving pattern Ivy

June’s free kiln carving pattern is a twisty ivy leaf.  This pattern is probably a bit more difficult than beginner level.  It has huge potential for green glass sun catchers, or dishes with ivy around the edge and on the bottom.  This pattern was inspired by the mass of ivy that I really need to remove from the wall in my garden.  It’s gorgeous, but kind of a pain. Read more

April Kiln Carving Pattern

Recycled bottle glass kiln carving

Here at long last is the free kiln carving pattern for April!  Yay!  This pattern is specifically designed to work with bottle glass, being just the right width for a regular size bottle.  After downloading the pattern, follow these easy steps: Read more

Kiln Carving Pattern for March

Happy St. Patrick’s day!  In honor of my family heritage (you did see the McRaney up there, didn’t you?), here is the free kiln carving pattern for March.  This pattern is slightly more difficult to cut than the pattern for January, but still quite straightforward.

1.  Cut a piece of fiber paper big enough for the pattern.

I used 1/32″ fiber paper for this particular project.  Tack the pattern over the fiber paper through the black tack dots.

March Kiln Carving Step 1

Read more

Kiln carving Pattern for December

Star Kiln carving Pattern

Kiln Carving Pattern for December

Here it is at long last, the first of the tutorials.  Thanks for waiting.  Really.  Thank you.

This star is approximately 6″ square, and can be used for a bunch of different things, you could bend it into a plate, drill holes for a hanging wire and put it in a window, cast it in a circle and put it on the Christmas Tree. If you want to slump it after kiln carving, use the suggested slumping schedule.

Wondering why my star is all yellow and funky?  I used low-E glass for this one.

So, here’s how it works: Read more