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October 2013 Kiln Carving Pattern

October Kiln Carving Pattern

Amazingly enough, we are roaring up on the end of the second year of monthly free kiln carving patterns.  When I started this project I had no idea that it would end up being such a popular thing.  Thanks for downloading and making projects, it’s great to hear about your experiences and see photos of your work. Read more

August 2013 Kiln Carving Pattern

Winged Heart Kiln CarvingHere it is at long last, the reader selected kiln carving pattern!  And just see if I ever let you guys pick the pattern again, this one was HARD!  It is a bas-relief pattern, meaning that the pattern is raised into the glass and you look at it from the flat side (similar to the sea turtle in June).  Read more

January 2013 Kiln Carving Pattern

Kiln Carving Pattern

January’s kiln carving pattern is brought to us by happy thoughts of spring and a new year.  This pattern was inspired by some lovely wrought iron railing here in Salt Lake City that I ran across recently.  It much simplified, of course, but I do love the way it turned out. Read more

How to make a Kiln Carving Pattern

There are probably any number of ways to make a kiln carving pattern, but I’m fond of the way I do it, so that’s the one I use.

Step 1

Determine final pattern size.  I like to keep things under 6″ x 6″ (15 cm x 15 cm) for flat glass.  For bottle glass, I try to keep things within 4.5″ (11.4 cm) wide because that’s how wide a regular wine bottle is when you melt it flat.  The patterns can be printed at different % for larger or smaller projects.

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May Kiln Carving Pattern

Kiln Carving Pattern for Recycled Glass

The free Kiln Carving Pattern for May is a beginner level design, perfect for anyone who wants to try kiln carving but isn’t sure where to start! After you’ve downloaded the pattern, follow these easy steps and you’ll have a lovely kiln carved flower in no time flat.

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Fusing with Bottle Glass

Bottles before the fusing starts

Learning to use bottle glass to produce glass art is a really great idea.  Not only because there are a ton of projects that can be made, but it’s fun!  Because bottles are relatively abundant, there’s less pressure to be perfect.  Being able to start over with minimal expense is a great way to get over the new project jitters and branch out.

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Kiln Carving Pattern for February

February Kiln Carving Pattern

The kiln carving pattern or February is this swanky floral heart.  This pattern looks great with all kinds of glass.  Read more