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Pot Melts with Recycled Glass

finished casting on top layerSometimes a girl just has to melt a whole bunch of glass.  I’m working on samples for a possible project, so thought I’d give a quick run through of setting up and firing a bunch of pot melts.  The end goal is 4 large pieces and 2 color samples.  I’ll be casting 4 solid colors and 2 mixed colors.

kiln washed trayThis is the saucer for the bottom layer.  I need to use this for two different colors, and keep them separate, so I’ll put in a kilnwashed divider made from a strip of old kiln shelf. Continue reading Pot Melts with Recycled Glass

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Stack and Full Fuse for Visual Interest

Fused Recycled Glass - Bronze Lattice

Recently we reviewed a couple of ways to use stacked and tack fused layers of recycled glass to create visual interest in our artwork without the use of color.

You can use this same stacking technique fired to a full fuse to great, but different, effect.  This is a useful trick to have in your book.  Ready?  Here we go.

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Stacking and Tack Fusing Recycled Glass

When creating glass artwork with recycled glass, color play often isn’t an option.  By stacking and tack fusing, you can create visual interest.  Using ‘white space’ in conjunction to ‘stack and tack’ gives you a huge variety of options.

For example:

Space Between - Tack Fused Recycled Glass Vessel
"Space Between"

This piece is a large circular vessel.  After cutting the circle, a 1″ wide strip was removed from the inside (drawing a square within the circle).  Then squares of the same sheet of float glass were stacked over the gap and tack fused.

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