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Recycled Patron Bottle Birdfeeder

Recycled Patron Bottle

Patron tequila bottles are beautiful glass, handblown with bubbles, but the squat shape and square bottom makes it a difficult bottle to fuse and slump.  Using my trusty tile saw and a few extra items, I made a birdfeeder that doesn’t require a kiln.

Materials needed:

Patron bottle with cork

Cork Borer

Heavy duty wire

weather proof glass glue or silicone

narrow tubing.  I used 1/4″ plastic drip irrigation tubing

scissors or razor knife

diamond file

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Recycled Glass Name Tags – Tutorial

recycled glass nametags

Last year at our Glass Art Guild of Utah meeting, we made glass name tags to wear at group shows so patrons can identify us. It’s always good to know who the artist is!

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Fusing with Brass – Loops

Solid brass plumbers chain

Fusing brass loops into recycled glass artwork is relatively easy and is a great way to add loops for wind-chimes and sun-catchers.  The loops are probably a bit too chunky for jewelry, unless you’d doing industrial style jewelry, then you’re good to go.

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Glass ‘Tools’ from the Craft Store

When you are looking to expand your tool kit of cool things that can be used to make recycled glass art, don’t overlook the craft store!  Not all cool glass tools come from glass companies, there are a ton of scrap-booking and craft store items that can be (mis) used to good effect in the glass studio.  Here are a few:

Scrapbook Department

1.  Scrapbooking molds

Scrap booking molds for making plaster inclusions

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July Kiln Carving Pattern

Fused Kiln Carved Bottle Glass Project

The free kiln carving pattern for July is ready!  As you may know, I live in the lovely state of Utah.  We’ve had a very hot, dry, spring, and much of my state has been on fire for the past week or so. Continue reading July Kiln Carving Pattern