So, most of the time, there’s just me here.

Jodi McRaney Rusho

Yes, that’s me, and I’m usually surrounded by an array of cats.  (Don’t judge, they follow me home.)

My name is Jodi, I started doing recycled glass art nearly two decades ago, after a traditional glass artist told me I couldn’t.  I’m the teensiest bit stubborn.

And that’s good news for you, because I have yet to meet a question or recycled glass design challenge I couldn’t figure out.

I’m a full time glass artist, yes, it’s my job, my day job.  I’ve done wholesale glass work with stores all over the U.S., had work in all kinds of galleries over the ages, right now I’m concentrating on making glass tools, molds, paints, mica, what have you.  I’m very much enjoying the manufacturing side of things, although I do still sneak in an art piece!

What I do

I help people learn how to make glass art out of recycled glass.  Mostly this looks like a bunch of online tutorials.  Occasionally, I teach classes, sometimes even to adults.  If that sounds like something you’re interested in learning, welcome!  Stick around for the good stuff.  You may even want to get on the newsletter list, it has additional information not covered on the blog.

Contacting me

If you’re a nice person, feel free to contact me through this handy form.  Please be patient though, I get a lot of questions and I do still have that pesky day job.  If you’re not a nice person, I will direct your e-mail to the feline customer service crew, who are lethargic and have no intention of responding.


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