A look at what being a full time glass artist is like. Sometimes it’s cool, but sometimes you have to mop the floor.

It’s been a while since I did one of these posts, mostly it feels like I’ve been surviving, but without much breathing room. So, some updates. I moved my studio, AGAIN. This time to what I think will be my permanent glass home. I have a gorgeous 1600+ square foot studio with a classroom, shop space and storage (2 bathrooms!). Naturally, it’s already completely full.

I did a fine art show!


The incredibly talented Essie Shaw invited me to participate in this show about Sonder: the concept of understanding that others have as rich and varied inner life as your own. For this show I very much left my comfort zone and did some enamel painting on vintage glass domes. The paintings were a self portrait and of my family. Here is my artist statement for the show:

Artist Statement: Sonder

I think my first inkling of sonder was my first intimate relationship, as things went terribly wrong (as they do with first relationships) I realized that the two of us were sharing a relationship, but having vastly different experiences.  What a terrifying thought!  2021 was a big year, as I watched a parent leave this world, and my child launch into their brand new life, I realized I knew very little about either of their inner lives, as little as they knew about mine.  After all this time, sonder is no longer terrifying, but a comfort, I have no influence or control over other peoples experiences, or inner lives.  I cherish and am grateful for the magical soap bubble rainbows when I make genuine contact with another, these connections are rare and wonderful. 

For these works, I’ve used photography of family and family occasions, hand painted in enamels on vintage domed picture frame glass to depict the inner and outer lives of ordinary people, the people I love. Mounted to deliberately evoke antique television sets, these are views and glimpses of complete people, people who will never change the world, but somehow already have.

Some of the artwork:

There is a glass Zoo Invasion

I’m working to restart my wholesale art business, it’s been about 7 years since I did production work, so a redesign was definitely in order! Here’s a whole pile of critters, all of these are fused (upcycled) float glass with glass paint and ecoresin stands. This is an ongoing series, so expect more cuteness.

And, in case I take myself too seriously, here is my triumph of the week, a tiny cast shark.

Rare and wonderful twig shark. I think I nailed it!

And lastly, Hobbes would like to share his awesome with the world. Look at it!