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Q & A Monday 1-14-2019

Q & A Mondays are answers to reader questions submitted via email or social media.  All personal information has been removed for privacy reasons and messages have been edited for clarity.  You may submit your own questions through the About/Contact page.

Q: I purchased your kit of supplies for making original shaped bowls. Sorry, I don’t remember the real name. It came with no instructions and I can’t find the video demonstration. Can you help with this please? Thank you.

A: The video is permanently online, you can see it here:

It’s the very first show we did together, and doesn’t say the topic in the title, so, very hard to locate logically.

I’m glad you enjoy the classes, I very much like teaching them, especially because I can help and ‘meet’ people I would never have a chance to meet otherwise.  It’s really amazing when you think about it!

Let me know how the slumping web kit goes, and if I can help with anything else.  Have a great week!

Q: I realize all kilns are different but which of your fusing schedules do you recommend for your Bottle Bottom Molds when using recycled bottle bottoms? I just want to make sure my kiln temperature gets hot enough for this process.
You have a lot of great choices. I am trying to decide which ones to purchase.

A: I use the full fuse firing schedule for bottle bottom molds, it works great!

Q: Sorry for the late response but thank you Jodi. I have another question for you if you don’t mind. I am trying to full fuse a beer bottle that has an enamel label on it. I would like to preserve the artwork on the label.During a full fuse, the enamel fades when it is face up. Face down, it fades a less. Have you found a way to keep the coloring during a full fuse? The next thing I was going to try was shifting transparent powder on the enamel before full fusing but it is a different coeficient, COE 90. Have you tried this? If so, have you had success? What have you done?I appreciate your help and look forward to hearing back from you.

A: It seems like some of the enamels are just really low quality in terms of firing.  I have noticed that same thing with firing the label down toward the shelf.  It does seem like the enamel gets quite liquid during firing when it is shelf side down and sticks to the shelf paper, when scrubbed off, the image is not shiny any more.  I did one piece that I flattened label side down then covered the label with Thomson Enamel float compatible enamel in clear, and fired it again label side up.  It did look good, but what a pain!

I do have a couple of tutorials about enamel labels, although they don’t  have any more information than you already know.

I have had better luck with lower slump temperatures, rather than full fuse if that helps at all.

Let me know how it works out and if you come up with a better solution, I know a lot of people would love to know!

Q: I read your article on testing fusible decals on glass.  Can I use my small jewelry kiln for the decals or do I have to use my larger kiln

A: I think you can use your small jewelry kiln for decals, as long as you can control the temperature so they don’t get too hot.  I have no experience with microwave kilns though, so if that’s what you have, some tests are probably in order.

Let me know how it works out for you,


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Q & A Monday, 6/18/18

Q & A Mondays are answers to reader questions submitted via email or social media.  All personal information has been removed for privacy reasons.  You may submit your own questions through the About/Contact page.

Q: Hello Jodi,

I purchased several tubes of bead release with a mold order 3/2017. One of the tubes has become solid. Can I just reconstitute it by adding water and it will still work well? The other tube is just fine. I realize it has been a long time so I do not expect replacement.

Also, could you recommend a heavy duty glass breaker brand? When I flatten bottle sheets I am having a hard time getting clean breaks with my regular Leponitt.

Thank you

Continue reading Q & A Monday, 6/18/18

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Q & A, August 21st edition

Today I’m answering reader questions about diamond drill bits, hole saws, melting glass insulators and custom molds.  If you have a great glass question, send it over to us through the About/Contact page.  All personal details have been removed for privacy.

Q:  Help! I’ve been buying hollow core drill bits from various places used for drilling holes in recycled bottles. I use water an have used both a drill press and hand held dremmel. I also drill in pulses to allow water to cool the bit. Some have worked well and some wear out immediately. Can you recommend a brand of bit that is reliable? I don’t mind spending a little more. I want quality at a reasonable price. I appreciate the help. I haven’t seen any advice on glass forums on this topic. Thanks.

Continue reading Q & A, August 21st edition

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Q & A Monday, August 14 edition

Today I’m answering reader questions that came in via email. All personal information has been removed for privacy reasons. If you have a question that you must, simply must have an answer to, send it on over via the About/Contact page.

Q: Good afternoon Jodi,
I have a question about the piece you created using mica and showed it on your web site a few years ago, it was a beautiful plate called “Lava”

Would you be able to tell me how you created this piece as I would like to try and make a similar plate.

Keep up the good work as I have learned a lot from your newsletters and now do quite a few things using window glass and thick glass shelves that I acquired. Continue reading Q & A Monday, August 14 edition

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Q & A Monday, July 31 Edition

diamond carving bits

Today I’m answering reader emails that came in via email or private message.  If you have a glass question that needs answering, please send it on over through the About/Contact page.  All personal details are removed for privacy reasons.

Q: Hi there – me again! I have finally purchased a wet tile saw (after wasting too much money on stupid score and scald bottle cutters AND a diamond band saw that sucked) – and then, I bought a hugely expensive glass blade for it.

So I’m using it for the first time today and almost every time it gets to the last bit it cracks, breaks, or chips. What am I doing wrong? Too fast? Too slow? Torquing the bottle? Any suggestions you can give me would be appreciated. I’ve watched a ton of YouTube videos (including yours) but they are all about process and not technique.

Thanks for any help you can offer! Continue reading Q & A Monday, July 31 Edition

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Triangle Bead Molds

fused triangle glass bead mold

Triangle bead molds are now available in the online shop.  Each mold ships with 12 stainless steel mandrels, a tube of bead release and an instruction sheet and a full color tutorial for a bracelet using your new mold.  Not sure if it’s for you?  You can preview the instructions and the tutorial on the product page at any time!  Here are some examples of jewelry made with this mold. Continue reading Triangle Bead Molds

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Q & A Monday – July 28, 2014

Jodi McRaney Rusho

Can you believe how fast time flies?  Already Monday again.  Today I’m answering questions about trying to cut bottles when Amazon doesn’t ship to your country, where to buy brass chain, fusing glass gems and some mica questions.  These are all actual reader questions, I’ve removed any personal details for privacy.  If you have a question, send it on over!



Q: Hi Jodi,
can you please guide me as to how can I buy a bottle cutting machine?
I live in India and has it only in the US for sale and it is beyond my reach.
Since this shall be difficult what other way would it be possible to lay me hands on
one such gadget.
I was also thinking of a drill machine with a diamond cutting blade. I am not sure
whether it is safe.
Please let me have your opinion.
With best wishes. Continue reading Q & A Monday – July 28, 2014

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Q & A Monday – July 21, 2014

Jodi McRaney RushoHappy Monday!  If you can smile about that, you’ll make it through anything.  Today I’m answering questions about mixing compatibilities in terms of bottles and frit, making polishing machines and using a ceramic kiln for glass.  These are actual reader questions and answers.  I’ve removed personal info for privacy reasons.  If you have a question, send it on over.


Q: can I use Uroboros 96 coe powdered frit on my bottles when I slump them or do I have to use the 82?? thank you. excited to slump some bottles 😀 Continue reading Q & A Monday – July 21, 2014

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Q&A Monday – 2/17/2014

Jodi McRaney RushoGood Morning!  Last weeks newsletter brought up a lot of questions about cutting bottles for fusing and a bunch of other stuff too.  Let’s get right to it, shall we?  (all of the identifying information had been changed to protect privacy.  If I’ve posted one of your questions and you would like attribution and a back link, let me know.)

Q: I am sure enjoying your emails and ideas! I have a question: how are you cutting the bottles vertically? Are you using a saw? If so, what kind? I am currently using an actual tile wet saw, and the vertical cuts are difficult–not enough room for the bottle to travel under the blade. Beer bottles (short ones) Work ok in the cut. I am experimenting now with them! Continue reading Q&A Monday – 2/17/2014