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September Kiln Carving Pattern

kiln carving moon pattern

September’s kiln carving pattern is very easy, perfect for beginners!  With just 5 parts to cut and remove, it’s also a quick and easy project to fill that last empty corner of the kiln. Continue reading September Kiln Carving Pattern

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Metal Inclusions in Recycled Fused Glass

Recycled window glass with copper and brass inclusions

Things tend to get creative when you are working with only one color of glass.  In my never ending quest to figure out yet another thing I can do with recycled glass, I tried metal inclusions as part of the design.

There are a number of metals that you can include, all of them useful as long as you know what will happen.

Continue reading Metal Inclusions in Recycled Fused Glass

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Hawthorne ELP Artist in Residency

In just two weeks I will be starting a project that I’ve never done before.  I have been offered the Artist in Residency at Hawthorne Elementary in Salt Lake City.  The school has 250 kids, grades K-6.  I usually teach just one class of kids at a time, so expanding to include 7 classes of varying age and ability of kids has been very exciting.

The theme of the residency is Using Glass Art to tell the Story of YOU.  Each of the four projects that we will be doing will tell some part of what is unique about each persons life.  Three of the projects will be recycled glass, one will be fused art glass.

Continue reading Hawthorne ELP Artist in Residency

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Stacking and Tack Fusing Recycled Glass

When creating glass artwork with recycled glass, color play often isn’t an option.  By stacking and tack fusing, you can create visual interest.  Using ‘white space’ in conjunction to ‘stack and tack’ gives you a huge variety of options.

For example:

Space Between - Tack Fused Recycled Glass Vessel
"Space Between"

This piece is a large circular vessel.  After cutting the circle, a 1″ wide strip was removed from the inside (drawing a square within the circle).  Then squares of the same sheet of float glass were stacked over the gap and tack fused.

Continue reading Stacking and Tack Fusing Recycled Glass

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Epic Kiln Carving

Every now and then I get a wild hair and decide to do something big and bold.  What better way to test my boundaries than with a gigantic kiln carving? This piece was created for the Nature of Sustainable Art show at Red Butte Garden that is up through the end of February.

Kiln carved cranes
Spoonbill cranes for kiln carved recycled glass panel.

Continue reading Epic Kiln Carving

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Kiln carving Pattern for December

Star Kiln carving Pattern
Kiln Carving Pattern for December

Here it is at long last, the first of the tutorials.  Thanks for waiting.  Really.  Thank you.

This star is approximately 6″ square, and can be used for a bunch of different things, you could bend it into a plate, drill holes for a hanging wire and put it in a window, cast it in a circle and put it on the Christmas Tree. If you want to slump it after kiln carving, use the suggested slumping schedule.

Wondering why my star is all yellow and funky?  I used low-E glass for this one.

So, here’s how it works: Continue reading Kiln carving Pattern for December

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Kiln Carving Recycled Glass with Fiber Paper

Kiln carving is another really versatile way to add texture and design to recycled glass artwork.   Kiln carving refers to “carving” in the glass that takes place in the kiln during a firing cycle.  Kiln carving utilizes fiber paper to make the actual design.

Fiber paper is a refractory material, looks much like paper toweling of felt, and is made from ceramic fiber with an organic sugar binder.  This means it will smell funny when the binder burns off, I suggest venting the kiln to the outside if possible.

Fiber paper can be cut into shapes with scissors or with an X-acto knife, then placed under the glass and fused.  I like to put the fiber paper in the mold, fire the glass using a full fuse schedule, but with a top temperature of 1485 (top fire) or 1500 (side fire).  This gives you enough heat to full fuse, without slumping too far, and gives a nice finish on the edge.

Continue reading Kiln Carving Recycled Glass with Fiber Paper

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Clear the Air Challenge Awards

Recently, I was lucky enough to be able to make the awards for the top three companies for the Clear the Air Challenge.

Step 1, Proposal:

The proposed award would be made with 3/8″ thick recycled glass bent into a gentle curve about 12″ wide by about 6″ high.  We would use the logo of the program and do a pseudo-screen print on the glass.  The winners names would be engraved on the front after the ceremony. Continue reading Clear the Air Challenge Awards

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Recycled Glass Tile Molds

Often I get questions regarding the molds I use to make recycled glass tiles.  There are two types of molds that I use, stainless steel and ceramic. I make both types and each has its strengths.

Stainless steel molds are: