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Recycled Architectural Glass

Recycled glass art isn’t just for small projects. Large projects are particularly nice.  These pieces have trees sculpted in the reverse side.  Each  rectangle panel is about 30″ x 20″ and 1/4″ thick.  The frames are refinished old wood window frames. Projects this size are great for permanent installation.

Recycled Architectural Glass Tree Windows
Recycled Architectural Glass Tree Windows

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Prolific Paperweights

Follow along as we walk through all of the steps of creating 100 paperweights.

Step 1: Client meeting. Wendy found my website and asked if I would be interested in making a big ‘ole batch of paperweights for her.

After talking over the main feel, we made a few different styles for Wendy to consider.

Cast Recycled Glass Paperweight
Cast Recycled Glass Paperweight

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Recycled Glass Wave

Here is another photo of the recycled glass wave. This project is the brain child of Chris St. Jeor, if you’d like to see the surfer that will go with this wave, look here:

Recycled Glass Wave - Fresh from the kiln
Recycled Glass Wave, fresh from the oven


Recycled Glass Wave Sculpture
Recycled Glass Wave Sculpture


Recycled Glass Wave Sculpture
Recycled Glass Wave Sculpture

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Tale of Ten Tiles

Follow along as we walk through all of the steps of a custom recycled glass tile job.

Step 1: Client meeting. Bill and Susie were remodeling the main bathroom in their 1930’s Avenue’s bungalow. The entire room was gutted to the studs and redone. The overall feel will be open, with earth-tone ceramic field tile, marble counters and glass shower doors. They decided that they would like a few recycled glass tiles to serve as focal points and draw the eye into and around the room.

After talking over the main feel, we did a rough sketch of the layout of the bathroom to get an idea of how many tiles would be required and the best size of tile to use. In the end, we decided on 10 4″ x 4″ tiles.

Bathroom sketch
Bathroom sketch

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Tile Testing

Recycled Glass Tile testingRecycled Glass Tile – Coming Right Up

The question that I get more often than any other is “can I mix bottle glass?” The answer is yes, with caveats. I wish I could claim credit for the technology, but the folks figured all of this out for us sometime in the late ’90’s. You can read the white papers on their website.

The long and short of it is, it all depends on temperature and glass particle size. What you see here is one week’s worth of testing of different glass colors, temperatures and particle sizes. I am working out the last few bugs on a line of recycled glass tiles. This is about a third of my test firings. It’s hard to see the stacks and stacks on the right hand side of the photo.

Tile photo’s coming up. Stay tuned.

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Technical Question, Compatibility & School Projects

Mali C. bring this question:

Hello Jodi:

I took a visit to your site after viewing you on HGTV That’s Clever. Which by the way you did a nice job and I hope you were eventually able to view it if you haven’t already.

I work with elementary school children doing art classes as a guest artist. Most of the material I use is recycled, or things I donate. I have done quite a few fused glass projects, but donating these supplies (purchased 90 COE fusing glass) is becoming quite costly for me. I am looking into using recycled found glass to use with my elementary kids. I was given a case of wine bottles from a winery, all different colors. I was hoping to use the different colored glass (combined) on one piece. Kinda like how you crushed the red glass onto the one example you showed on your site. My question #1 is: are all bottles the same COE, (like wine bottles)? Question #2: Is all regular, float window glass the same COE, or do you just use all the glass from one window in each piece and not mix from other windows? Question #3: Do you experience a lot of devit on your recycled glass pieces? I actually like the look of devit at times and have seen some nice jewelry made from recycled milk bottles that had devit and they were wonderful. Continue reading Technical Question, Compatibility & School Projects

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Technical Question, Compatibility and Temperatures

This question was originally posed by Susan G.:

I enjoy your website. I am a beginner with fused glass. I was very excited to find someone who uses reclycled window glass and bottle glass ro work with.

Can you tell me:
1. the maximum temp to fire window glass and bottle glass
2. can window glass and bottle glass be fired together to make one piece?

thank you

Hi Susan;

The maximum temperature ranges from between 1375 for a slump to 1590 for a cast piece. The holding time varies as well, based on what you want to do. Different thickness and age of window glass all play a part. Different colored bottles melt differently as well. Generally I have found that newer windows melt more smoothly, and the darker the bottle glass, the lower the melting point. Continue reading Technical Question, Compatibility and Temperatures

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Technical Question, Compatibility & Bottles

This question was originally posed by Judy W.:

Hi Jodi,
Just saw your That’s Clever segment which made me check out your website. I am very new (read ‘clueless’) to firing glass but have aspirations. I want to make tiles for my new kitchen with found bottle glass and have been saving bottles until the garage is well populated with blue, green and brown. I would like to vary the colors as you did in your blue and white bowl shown on your web site. I would appreciate knowing what you use for flux–is that what gives it some opacity?

Also I have a new barely used glass/ceramics kiln that I am trying to learn to fire correctly. Out here in rural MO there’s not much help available so I am inquiring about an example firing schedule for crushed bottle glass — if you are willing to share such info. Continue reading Technical Question, Compatibility & Bottles

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Technical Question, Recycled Glass Compatibility

Sandy P. brings this question:

Hi Jodi,
I am in Tampa, Florida and heard about you from a friend who saw you on HGTV in Charlevoix, Michigan. I am new to fusing and love the idea of using “recucled” glass. I have a question for you. Do you mix the glass? It’s always been instilled to me about using compatible glass? I’ve slumped a beer bottle for fun but haven’t done any other experimenting. I’d really appreciate it if you would let me know. Thanks. I’ll be watching for you ~

Hi Sandy;

What you have learned is correct, EXCEPT when you reduce the size of the surface area to nearly non-existent proportions, i.e. crushed glass. Bedrock tile co. in Seattle has been doing it for about a long time, with no flux or additions.

I have one piece shown here on my blog that is mixed blue bottle glass and clear window. The piece is opaque and made with crushed glass scroll down to August 28 entry to have a look.

Let me know if you have additional questions,


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