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Compatible Products for Fusing Recycled Glass

Sometimes it’s nice to add a little something extra to your float or bottle fusing project, here’s a handy list of product that I’ve used over the years, the suppliers that I purchased them from, and a tutorial or two to get you started.

  • Paint – Glassline and Hues 2 Fuse and Unique Glass ColorsGlassline Paints
  • Mica and/or Carefree Lusters- both as powder and mixed in mediumtest6
  • Glow Powderchkglowpowder
    • Buy from:  Sundance Art Glass
    • Tips:  Works best capped, works with all glass CoE.  Can be expensive, but a little goes a long way, I like the sample pack
    • Tutorials:  Glow Rocket
  • Float Fire – multi color frit with flexible CoE that works with bottles and float glass
    Float Fire Frit
    Cherry Red Float Fire
  • Enamels – powders and Frits
    • Buy from:  Thompson Enamels
    • Tips:  Try the sample pack, lots of colors for not much money
    • Tutorials:  Coming soon, but in the mean time here’s a photo of the sample pack color charts I made  thompsonenamel1 thompsonenamel2
  • Copper wire, sheet
    preparing copper sheet for fusing
    Tracings on copper and brass sheet
  • brass wire and sheet
  • liquid gold, paladium and Mother of Pearl lusters
    • Buy from:  Glaser Ceramics
    • Tips:  these are low fire lusters, put them on very last and fire to the recommended temperature to bring out the metallic color
    • Tutorials:  none yet, but stay tuned!
  • organic materials – sand, dirt, leavesRecycled Glass Platter with red sand in a maize pattern.
  • plaster
    Recycled window glass turtle plate
    Recycled window glass turtle plate
  • Dichro slide
    • Buy from:  Delphi Glass
    • Tips:  If you’ve never used this before, the sample pack is a good idea, lots of colors to play with for not a lot of money
    • Tutorials:  Coming soon!
  • Water slide Decals
    • Buy from:  Delphi Glass
    • Tips:  Be prepared, these can be very thin and tear easily as you move them onto the glass.  Work slowly and carefully.
    • Tutorials:  Working on it.



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  1. Great info Jodi!  I’m looking forward to experimenting.  Thank you for doing the heavy lifting.

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