As you might imagine, artists get a ton of requests for donations for auctions, events and causes. Unfortunately, I can’t donate to every single worthy cause, there are just too many. So, in the interests of sanity, I’ve chosen to donate to the following causes:

Animal rescue and welfare
Underprivileged children and education
Ocean conservation

What this looks like:

Animal rescue and welfare – recent organizations

Utah Lost and Found Pets
Utah’s Perfect Pointers

10% of all sales of glass cat and dog sculptures are reserved for donation to these and other charities in the Salt Lake City area, specifically for medical care for cats that need assistance before they can be adopted or fostered.

Underprivileged children and education – recent organizations

Children’s Center – helping autistic children
Guadalupe School

These organizations have received artwork for auction, as well as in classroom volunteer art instruction.

Ocean and Reef Conservation

PADI Project Aware

As part of a scuba diving family, we are all concerned with the ocean conservation. 10% of all sales of Recycled Glass Sharks and Sea Turtles are reserved for donation.

If you are interested in requesting a donation, feel free to contact me through the contact form on the About page.

Thank you!!