Pot of Gold Pattern for kilncarving

Here’s a little kiln carving pattern that will help you remember how lucky you are!  I like March, it finally feels like there is an end to winter in sight.

**This kiln carving pattern has expired.  Monthly kiln carving patterns expire 90 days after posting.  Not to worry though, they will be back at the end of the year in the free compilation book.  To see the currently available kiln carving patterns, you can click here**

Step 1:

After printing, cut a piece of fiber paper large enough to accommodate the entire pattern and pin the pattern and the fiber paper to a cut proof surface.  (I use cardboard)

Kiln carving pattern - pinned

Step 2:

Using a sharp razor blade, carefully cut out on the black lines and remove all gray areas.  I find it easier to cut the paper first, peel it out, and then cut the fiber paper.

Cut kiln carving pattern

Step 3:

After removing all the gray areas and underlying fiber paper, discard the paper pattern (or use it as a template for a different project).  Place the fiber pattern under a clean large bottle bottom and fire to a full fuse.

Fused Bottle glass and kiln carving pattern

Step 4:

Drill a hole for hanging, or slump into a small dish for spare change!