Happy St. Patrick’s day!  In honor of my family heritage (you did see the McRaney up there, didn’t you?), here is the free kiln carving pattern for March.  This pattern is slightly more difficult to cut than the pattern for January, but still quite straightforward.

1.  Cut a piece of fiber paper big enough for the pattern.

I used 1/32″ fiber paper for this particular project.  Tack the pattern over the fiber paper through the black tack dots.

March Kiln Carving Step 1

2. Using a very sharp razor knife blade, cut out the gray areas and remove.

Careful!  Watch your corners and bridges!

March Kiln Carving Step 2

3. Place in the kiln under a nice piece of glass and fire.

Here are some firing schedules for recycled glass if you aren’t sure where to start.  I use a full fuse for this project.

March Kiln Carving Step 3

4. Finished!

March Kiln Carving Pattern

IF YOU USE THIS PATTERN – please consider sending me a photo.  I would love to see it.  Have questions and/or comments about what you think the next pattern should be?  Please let me know!


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