Bottle Glass Frit Ball Votive

Some time ago we learned how to make bottle glass frit balls, and a heat based way to make bottle glass frit. Now, let’s do a project using our bottle glass frit and Float Fire.

Materials needed:

bottle glass frit in blue and clear

Cherry Red Lead Free Float Fire

4″ square tile mold



dust mask or respirator

diamond files

small votive or floral former

bottle glass frit ball votive materials

Frit Ball Votive materials

Float Fire Frit

Cherry Red Float Fire

It is important for you to understand that we are using two different types of bottle glass frit, and the reason this is okay is we are filling the gaps between them with Float Fire, which is compatible with both bottle types. The Float Fire serves as a bridge to fuse the two bottle glass colors together.

Step 1:

Start by making stripes of clear and cobalt blue bottle glass frit balls. This can be time consuming, so choose a time when you are not rushed.

Bottle Glass Frit Ball StripesContinue until the entire mold is filled. The tweezers are helpful for this part, and it can be very zen if you let yourself relax and enjoy the puzzle aspect.

Bottle Glass Frit Balls

Frit Ball Stripes in Mold

Step 2.

Add Float Fire Frit to the mold while wearing your trusty dust mask. It doesn’t take a lot of frit, and it’s much harder to get the extra back out, so go slowly and add in small amounts.

Float Fire on Frit Balls

Float Fire Frit on Bottle Glass Frit Balls

Use the paint brush to spread the frit around and clear off the top of the frit balls. Ideally, it will look like a cobbled road.

Float Fire Frit on Bottle Glass Balls

Distributed frit

Step 3.

Fire to a full fuse using the firing schedule for 1/4″ recycled glass.

Fused Frit Ball Votive

Fused Bottle Glass Frit Ball Votive

Step 4.

Use a diamond file (with water and your dust mask) to file any sharp edges away, then bend into shape using the slump firing schedule for 1/4″ glass.

Bottle Glass Frit Ball Votive

Frit Ball Votive

Alternately, you could slump into a shallow bowl shape.