Cloudburst Windchime Tutorial

cloudburst windchime

Cloudburst Windchime with triangle chime beads

Materials needed:

Cloud windchime top 

Long triangle beads

blue glass donuts – ready to fuse or already fused, or DIY

bead wire

crimp beads




To make your own cloud chime top:

Step 1:

Sketch a cloud shape on paper and cut it out. Use this template to trace onto a 3/4″ thick board (we use white maple or alder for ours).

cloud windchime top

trace a cloud

Step 2:

Using a scroll saw, jig saw or band saw, cut out the cloud shape.

wood windchime top

Cloud before cutting

Cloud windchime top

Cloud after cutting

Step 2:

File the edges of the cloud to round them, then sand smooth with 80 and then 150 grit sandpaper.

cloud windchime top

cloud sanding materials

cloud windchime top

Sanded and filed cloud

Step 3:

Prime the cloud with outdoor grade primer.

primer paint on windchime top

Prime the cloud before painting

Step 4:

Paint the cloud with white outdoor grade paint on all sides. When the white is dry, spray paint light blue carefully on the lower edge.

Paint cloud chime top

Painting the cloud

Step 5:

Drill holes for eye hooks using an appropriate size drill bit. Space the eye hooks across the bottom of the cloud as desired, don’t forget to drill two equally spaced holes on the top edge for the hanging wire!

eye hooks for windchime top

Drill bit and eye hooks for cloud

cloud windchime top

Drill holes for eye hooks

Carefully screw eye hooks into the cloud. It’s easy to over torque the eye hooks and break them.

eye hooks in cloud chime

add eye hooks to cloud

finished cloud chime top

Cloud with eye hooks

Very nice! Now you’re ready to make the chime

materials for windchime

Cloudburst materials


Lay triangle beads and donuts in desired formation under the cloudburst windchime top and cut a piece of bead wire as long as each chime.

Crimp the wire around the eye-hook, thread it through the bar bead, then the donut and crimp the wire around the donut.

Recycled glass windchime assembly

Assemble the chimes

Repeat for all of the eye hooks. Add a wire for hanging to the top of the chime and you are good to go!

Another fun variation is to use strings of blue donuts for the chimes:

Cloud chime with donuts

Rain Chime


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