Fused Bottle Glass Frit Ball Pendant

Wondering what to do with all of the bottle glass frit balls we made a while back? Not sure what to do for shows or gifts? Well, here you go.

These pendants remind me of a classic (in)famous Utah dish called Ambrosia Salad. Essentially jello, cool whip and fruit cocktail all mixed together to make an opaque white-ish not actually food stuff with bits of un-naturally colored fruit floating in it.

But, these are better by far! For one thing, you aren’t expected to eat it and pretend like it’s delicious.

Materials needed:

Materials for bottle glass frit ball pendants

Frit Ball Heart Pendant materials

Bottle Glass Frit Balls

Prepared Mold


and this:

Float Fire Frit

Opaque White Float Fire Frit

Opaque White Float Fire Frit.

The reason we can use multiple colors of bottle frit balls in the same pendant is the connecting glass is this Float Fire Frit which is compatible with all bottles.

Step 1:

Carefully place a layer of frit balls in each of the pendant molds using the tweezers.

Bottle Glass Frit Ball pendants

Frit Ball Pendants – first layer

Step 2:

Add enough opaque white Float Fire frit to nearly cover the frit balls.

White frit on bottle glass frit balls

Add white frit

Step 3:

Add another layer of frit balls.

Bottle glass frit balls

Adding a second layer of frit balls

Step 4:

Add another layer of white Float Fire frit. Don’t cover them too much, because we’re going to grind off the white glass after firing. If you completely cover the frit balls it will mean more work down the line.

Float Fire with bottle glass frit balls

Add more Float Fire frit

Step 5:

Fire to a full fuse using the full fuse schedule for 1/4″ glass.

fusing bottle glass frit ball pendants

Frit Ball heart pendants before firing

fused bottle glass frit ball pendants

Fused Bottle Glass Frit Ball Pendants

Now comes the fun part.

Step 6:

Coldwork the pendants to expose the frit balls on the front and the back. You will want to remove enough of the opaque glass that light can travel all the way through the heart from both sides.

You can do this with grit on a sheet of glass (the way I’m doing it), a lap wheel, diamond sanding pads, diamond files or even a diamond bit in your dremel tool.

coldworking frit ball hearts

Coldworking frit ball hearts

Step 7:

After your hearts are all nicely cold worked, fire polish them using the slump firing schedule for 1/4″ glass. The green heart on the lower left is green frit balls with translucent yellow frit, just to give you an idea of what that combination looks like.

Frit Ball heart pendants

Frit Ball Hearts Front

And here’s the back:

frit ball heart pendants back

Frit Ball Heart Pendants – back

And backlit:

bottle frit pendant

Blue and green frit ball heart

Step 8:

Add a bail and a chain/ribbon/wire of your choice and wear proudly!