Fused Bottle Glass Hearts and Flowers

Occasionally in the very mixed bag of bottles that ends up in my studio, there will be an oval shaped one. Oval shaped bottles slump well, there isn’t much chance of them rolling about on the shelf. But, they are also wonderful for making other things. If you get an oval shaped bottle, consider making flowers and hearts instead of just another cheese tray.

You’ll need an oval bottle tall enough to cut 8 rings (for a flower) or 2 rings (for hearts) Oval bottles come in different heights, so maybe cut the bottle first and see how many rings you end up with before you start.

Oval bottles:

sugarhousevodkabottle bulleitbourbonbottleStart with an oval shaped bottle, I’ve pictured two so you can see what type of bottle to look for. Cut the bottle into rings:

ovalringsTo make flowers, you’ll need 8 oval rings. Place the first 4 in an X shape with equal spacing.

four oval ringsThen place the other 4 on top in an X shape, to make the flower:

8 oval ringsFuse using a full fuse for 1/4″ glass schedule.

Flower before fusing

Flower before fusing

fused recycled glass flower

Fused flower shaped

I like the flower hung where the sun can shine through it, but it could also be slumped into a bowl shape.

Fused bottle glass heart

fused bottle glassHeart shapes require two oval rings of glass. First you’ll want to mark a spot on the outside edge of the two ovals, just before they curve.

oval rings for glass heart

Mark before the curve

This is where you will cut the rings to make the pointed bottom of the heart. Now stack the rings with these marks lined up to figure out where to cut the top curves of the heart.

fused bottle glass heart

Stacked ovals for heart shape

It’s going to look like a pretzel, but focus on the outside edge, and mark where the ovals overlap when you have a heart shape you like.

Carefully cut at the marked points and fit the larger pieces together.

fused bottle glass heart

bottle glass heart pre fusing

Now fuse at using the full fuse schedule for 1/4″ recycled glass.

fused bottle glass heart

Fused bottle glass heart