Fused Float Glass Lattice Bowl

Fused Recycled glass Lattice Bowl

Fused Recycled Window Glass Lattice Bowl

This is the third in our series of tutorial using recycled window glass. This is a slightly more complex project, but the results are well worth it!


1/4″ thick Window glass

glass cutter

running pliers



Floral former or fiber paper wrapped pot

Prepared kiln shelf


This lattice pattern project is extremely showy and looks great. It does require a slightly higher skill in cutting and some additional time annealing due to the changes of glass thickness in the fused finished piece.

marking recycled glass

If your glass isn’t already a square, cut it into a square.

cutting window glass for fusing

Mark the square in half inch wide strips. If you are hesitant as to your cutting skills, 1” strips are easier to cut and will still look great. Don’t worry if you break a strip or two, we can space out the pattern slightly.

Cut strips of window glass

After cutting all of the strips, clean them and then divide into two equal piles.

laying out the lattice glass strips

On the kiln shelf, place the first layer of strips equidistant to their width. It’s a good idea to use one of the strips as a baseline for how wide your lattice needs to be. Then space the remaining strips evenly across the width of the piece.

Lattice Bowl on shelf

Place the second layer at right angles to the first, forming a lattice pattern. Because we want this project to fire perfectly flat, we are going to use a firing schedule that has a longer top hold time than the standard fusing firing schedule.

Full fuse firing schedule

(1/4″ window or 2 layers bottle glass, sheets, not frit!)

Ramp Rate (F) Hold Temp (F) Hold Time | Ramp Rate (C) Hold Temp (C) Hold Time
300/hr 500 15 min | 148/hr 260 15 min
250 1100 10 min | 121/hr 593 10 min
250 1550 10 min | 121/hr 843 10 min
9999/hr 1030 40 min | 9999/hr 555 40 min
50/hr 940 0 | 10/hr 504 0
100/hr 740 0 | 38/hr 393 0
off to room temp     | off to room temp    

Fused Recycled Glass Lattice Bowl

After fusing, the lattice can either be slumped into a bowl, or with a floral former to create a dramatic sculptural shape.

Lattice on Floral Former

Because the lattice isn’t continuous glass, it will have a tendency to thermal shock during slumping, so we are going to use a much slower slumping schedule than the standard schedule.

Slump firing schedule
(1/4″ or 2 layers bottle glass)
Ramp Temp (F) Hold Temp (F) Hold Time | Ramp Temp (C) Hold Temp (C) Hold Time
200/hr 500 15 min | 93/hr 260 15
250/hr 1100 10 min | 121/hr 593 10
200/hr 1385 3 min | 93/hr 752 3
9999 1030 40 min | 9999 555 40
50/hr 940 0 | 10 504 0
75/hr 700 0 | 24 370 0

Slumped Lattice Bowl

After some practice, you can expand your lattice making skills to larger projects:

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