Fused Float Glass with Painted Hummingbird

For our third project using the February Free Kiln Carving pattern, we’re going to create a painted hummingbird dish using our kiln carving stencil as a pattern. If you haven’t downloaded the pattern yet, you should probably start by doing that.

fused painted hummingbird

materials needed for painted hummingbird project

Materials needed:

Kiln carving pattern stencil

2 pieces of compatible glass large enough for the hummingbird. These could be float glass, or two pieces of flattened bottle glass (from the same bottle please).

3 colors of glass paint. I’m using turquoise, light green and dark green



razor blade

Step 1:

Trace the pattern on your glass.

humming bird pattern for fusing

Trace pattern on glass

I find it’s easier for me if I trace the pattern onto the glass. I have the paper under the glass and am following the edges as I draw the line. You could also put the paper on the glass and trace it like a traditional stencil.

Step 2:

Paint the bird.

glass paint on recycled glass

Paint the hummingbird

I started with turquoise on the underside of the bird and tail, light green on the underside of the wing and dark green on the body and top of wings.

Painted glass hummingbird

Adding all of the colors

Step 3:

Clean up the details. If you look closely, you can see I didn’t do a terrific job painting inside the lines (not a surprise if you know me!)

glass paint outside the lines

Those edges are a bit sloppy!

So, a quick swipe with a razor blade will tidy up the edges.

removing extra glass paint

Tidy up the painted edges.

Much better.

crisp glass paint edges

Nice sharp and crisp paint edges.

Step 4:

Fire to a full fuse on a prepared kiln shelf using the firing schedule for 1/4″ full fuse.

fusing recycled glass hummingbird

Hummingbird ready to fuse

Now, let us pause for a brief moment for a bit of discussion. I have sandwiched my bird between two layers of glass. This is a personal preference, I’m not sure I like paint on the inside surface of bowls. However, this project would work on one thicker piece of glass with the paint on the surface, or you could stack your two pieces of glass with the paint on the top surface. You must choose for yourself how you want to do it, but choose wisely.

fused painted glass hummingbird

Fused hummingbird

Step 5:

Slump into a dish using the 1/4″ thick slump firing schedule.

slumping recycled glass dish

Slumping the bird

And we’re done!

fused and painted recycled glass hummingbird

Painted fused hummingbird dish

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