Fusing Large and Small Bottles

Answering the age old question that is keeping us all awake at night:

Do large and small bottles fuse the same?

Let’s try it and see:

I’m using a 1.5L Bombay Sapphire Gin Bottle, and a tiny airline size Bombay Sapphire Gin bottle.

recycled bottle fusing project - testing sizes

After cleaning them both very well, into the kiln they go:

Bombay Sapphire Bottle fusing

Then fire to a full fuse:

Fused Bombay Sapphire Bottle

Looks like they do fuse the same. The tiny bottle is a little more flat, but I would have expected that due to the lesser volume of glass. The edges are nicely rounded on both bottles with no devitrification or needling. To get an even flatter bottle, you could add a couple more minutes to the top hold of the fusing firing schedule.

Fused Recycled Glass Bottles

Got a burning glass question keeping you up at night? Let me know, I just may have an answer!