Fusing with Imitation Gold Leaf


Some time ago, I picked up some imitation gold leaf from the craft store for a completely different project and thought I’d give it a try in the kiln. This is still one of my favorite pieces, it belongs to someone else now, but luckily I get to visit it.

fusing with float glass

float glass circle and imitation gold leaf

I started with a circle of 1/8″ thick float (window) glass.

fusing with float glass

Imitation Gold Leaf

I added a sheet of leaf, and turned the second sheet for contrast.

fusing with float glassThen added powdered mica around the edges, this mica is sage green.

fusing with float glass

Mica around edge of circle

Then I added some fine copper wire (from a salvaged power cord) and more mica. The wire is very fine, but if you look carefully, you can see the swirls of wire over the mica.

fusing with float glass

Fine Copper Wire on the leaf

Then more leaf over the copper wire

fusing with float glass and wire

Leaf over the wire

I ended up with 2 sheets of leaf under the copper wire, and 2 sheets of leaf over the wire. Then I added the top layer of glass.

fusing with float glass and mica

Capping the leaf and mica

And then fused it:

fusing with float

Fused float glass with copper, mica and imitation gold leaf

Based on the color change, I would guess that this particular imitation gold leaf has aluminum in it. I then slumped the piece into a bowl shape:

fusing with float glass

Fused float glass bowl with copper wire, mica and imitation gold leaf

fused float glass bowl

Slumped float glass bowl with imitation gold leaf



Inclusions of any type can and will produce smoke and fumes as they are fired. Best practice is to know what you are firing, what it is made of, what the ingredients are, and what they produce when burned. It is always a good idea to vent your kiln to the outdoors, bad smells are no one’s friend. If in doubt, research first, or don’t do it! Safety first friends.

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