Glass Tools from the Dollar Store

Everyone loves a deal, and the dollar store is where it’s at….sometimes. How do you know what is a going to work or isn’t?There are lots of things you DON’T want to buy at the dollar store, we see lists in the media all the time, so here’s a little list of things that work great in the glass shop. We took a trip to the local DollarTree to do some glass tool shopping and see what’s what.

Storage Solutions

This one is pretty obvious, the dollar store has great storage solutions for a lot of different situations:

But wait! There are other things that we love:

Glass Cutting Boards

The glass cutting boards come in round and square, each about 8″ across. They are a bit less than 1/4″ thick and have a slight texture on one side. They are also tempered. Don’t let that stop you however, we used them for paint pour projects in classes, and the end results are awesome. Remember, you can fuse tempered glass, you just can’t cut it first. Remove the rubber feet and plastic wrap before fusing.

Paint pour projects

Plastic Chopping Mats

Plastic cutting boards are fantastic for a number of things, none of them involving cutting food! Use the plastic cutting mats for:

  • Stencils
  • Catch frits and powders
  • Cutting mats (ha!)
  • Light diffusers for photography, they do have to be clean and or new for this one.
  • Line wire shelves

Denture Brushes

Denture Brushes

This is my favorite brush to remove kiln wash from bottle bottom molds. These brushes are stiff enough to get the kiln wash off, and soft enough to be gentle on molds.

Frit Spoons

These are great for frits, they fit into all kinds of bottles, and are easy to hold onto AND sturdier than disposable plastic spoons.

Silicone Facial Mask Applicator

I wouldn’t use this one on my face, but it is a fine grained firmish silicone that cuts easily with scissors to create a custom silicone brush for powder and frit work. Customizable and only a dollar? Perfect!

Cut for custom powder tools!

Garden Hook

These steel hooks are 30″ tall with a cross foot, which makes them perfect for windchimes or bottle bottom suncatchers. And, at just $1 each, you can throw them in free with purchase! (The store in SLC is completely out, apparently some glass artist bought them all.)


There is actually an astonishing array of craft items, but these stencils were particularly appealing. These are on my list for student projects in upcoming classes!

2-fer Battery Candles

I’m not sure I believe the 240 hours claim, but these are very handy for shows and display situations where your votives or candle shields may be on display for many hours. You can display with one, and throw the second one in with the purchase.

Metallic Paint Marker

These paint markers don’t burn off during firing, so I like to use them to write the student names on the shelf paper next to projects. The names are still there after fusing (although they are fainter) and that saves me so much time!

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