Lacy Wire Bezels for Fused Glass Pendants

Lacy wire bezels are a quick and easy setting method for fused glass pendants.  These bezels add a bit of elegance to pendants and give you another option if you aren’t fond of glue on bails.

To begin, create a glass pendant using the size template.  Don’t forget that glass changes dimension slightly during fusing.

The bezels are a bit flexible, but they won’t stretch, so check that your glass fits snugly inside the bezel and grind and fire polish if necessary.

Once you are sure the glass fits, pop the glass back out, and use needle nose pliers to bend the back prongs at an angle. These will keep the glass from falling out the back of the bezel. Once all of the prongs on one side of the bezel are bent, flip it over and add your pendant glass back in.

Using a prong pusher tool, press the top prongs over firmly onto the glass, alternating from one side to the other as you go to keep the glass even.

Press all of the prongs over so there are no prongs sticking up, then flip the pendant over and make sure the prongs on the back are also flat, pressing any that need it.

Finished!  Add a beautiful chain or ribbon and your pendant is ready to go.

This pendant was created in the on-demand video class:  Fancy Jewelry with Jodi McRaney Rusho.  Click HERE to see more info and current course pricing.