Plaster Elements in Fused Glass

Sea Turtle Tray with plaster elementsUsing plaster elements in fused glass is an easy way to add variety to your basic stock of molds and shapes. The little plaster elements are made using a mold, and a mixture of pottery plaster and silica flour in a 1:1 ratio. However, you can also achieve excellent results with basic plaster of paris.

Molds can be made with a variety of different mold materials, including Mold n’ Pour, or latex liquid mold making material. You can also make molds using silicone caulking and a few other ingredients.

The plaster elements should be dried thoroughly and then sanded flat on the bottom (wear a mask) to avoid overhangs. Place the elements under your glass and fire to a full fuse.

After firing, when piece is completely cool, use a mix of vinegar and water to remove the plaster from your design.

Plaster can also be piped out of a pastry bag onto a piece of thin-fire, or a kiln shelf and then fused over.

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