Printed Butterfly Float Glass Coasters

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Previously, we learned how to use giant rubber erasers to make custom stamps for printing on float (window) glass.

Today’s tutorial is how to make these cute butterfly coasters by using the two different stamps we made and printing on both sides of the glass. Complete step by step instructions below the video.


Step 1: Stamp the glass and add color frits. For this part you’ll need 4 @ 4″ square pieces of 1/4″ thick float glass, a selection of black and colored Float Fire Frits, and embossing ink (look in the scrap booking section at the craft store)

Clean the glass and put it on a sheet of paper (to catch excess frit). Daub your embossing ink all over the outline stamp, and when it’s evenly coated, stamp it on the center of the coaster. You want to press gently, if you press too hard the ink will squish out and your lines won’t be crisp.

Sprinkle the black frit over the ink. I like to use F2 size for this (next size up from powder). Then tip off the excess frit onto your paper for collection back into the bottle. Spritz the frit butterflies with liquid hairspray to help keep the frit in place. Set the coasters aside to dry.

Step 2: Stamp the reverse side and add color for the wings.

The process for stamping the reverse side is quite similar. Daub ink onto the wing stamp, and place it on a clean sheet of paper, ink side up. Now, line up the images and PRESS the glass down onto the stamp. Flip the coaster over, and while holding it up, sprinkle frit on the ink. Tip off the excess frit and put the coaster directly in the kiln. I put them color side down. Be aware that once you put the coaster into the kiln, you won’t be able to move it around without disturbing the frit, so place it carefully. Fuse using the full fuse firing schedule.


Fused Butterfly Coasters

Fused Butterfly Coasters

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