Slumped Bottle Glass Dish with Enamel Label

Sometimes I get lucky and get a very unusual bottle in the stash. Last fall, when this one turned up in my bottle donation box, I was pretty excited about it.

I thought it would make an awesome dish with the skull on the inside. The first thing I did was cut the top and bottom off to make a cylinder.


Wine bottle cylinder

Wine bottle with top and bottom removed

The next thing was to cut a section out of the back of the cylinder prior to flattening the bottle.

cut wine bottle with acl labeling

Back of HobNob bottle

I cut a strip about 2″ wide out of the bottle:

cutting wine bottle before slumping

Bottle cylinder with strip removed

I cut bottles from the inside, if you’d like to see a video of the process, you can see it here. After the strip is cut out, I put the bottle face down in the kiln and slumped it at a low temperature to make a flat piece of glass.

making flat glass from wine bottles

HobNob before flattening

Here it is after firing:

flat wine bottle with ACL

HobNob bottle flattened face down

flat wine bottle with ACL

HobNob face up after flattening

Next I measured the glass to decide how wide to make my dish. I didn’t really want the text on the sides, so I used that as a guide on how wide to make it. I did take into account the slight curve on the thicker glass at the bottom.

measuring cut bottle for slumping

measuring the bottle for width

And then marked the top with the same width and marked cutting lines.

cutting flatt bottle for slumping

marking cutting lines

cutting flat bottle for slumping

Flat bottle ready to cut

I cut the lines with my glass cutter which ended up kind of sloppy, I would use my saw if I did this again.

cutting bottle for slumping

cutting off excess glass

Next I ground the edges smooth and rounded the corners in preparation to slumping. Once the edges were smooth and an appropriate mold located, we were ready to go. I fired this using the slump schedule for 1/4″ glass.

Bottle before slumping

HobNob bottle preslump

Bottle after slumping:

Bottle after slumping

Bottle after slumping

And out of the mold:

slumped wine bottle with ACL

Finished HobNob wine bottle dish