Slumped Bottles with Enamel Labels

Last month I posted a newsletter about slumping bottles with applied ceramic labeling, or enamel labeling. Readers from all over the world very generously sent in photos of their slumped bottles with enamel labels. If you would like to contribute a photo, please use the form on the About/Contact page.

From Thomas Brannon: (note the gold mica on the inside of the bottles, gorgeous!) thomasbrannon034 thomasbrannon035From Marge Helsell: (I have had no luck with the Absolute Citron bottles, I salute you Marge!)

MHblue-painted-wine-bottle MHAbsolut-Citron MHBrand-X MHCorona-cropped

MHP1010003 MHLong-Neck---Not-Tray

From Long Grass Studio longgrassstudioimage1From Kelly Lacy:kellylacyJune-2015-003 kellylacyMarch-2015-003From Julie Van Der WiltJulieVanderwilthfidjfej JulieVanderwiltcjddejafand a few more that I’ve run across

gwp gwp2 gwp3