Two Part Stamps for Printing on Glass

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Requires dexterity and hand strength.

One of my favorite things to do with recycled float glass is to use stamps and frits to print images on the glass. With a little ingenuity, you can print on both sides for a slightly 3D effect. This tutorial shows how to make a set of two stamps to print a butterfly on float glass prior to fusing. The complete step by step instructions are below the video.

Step 1:

Draw your butterfly pattern. You should make sure that it will fit on the eraser before you decide on a final design.

Pattern for custom stamps

Butterfly pattern

Pattern for stamping on glass

Butterfly Pattern

Step 2. Transfer to the pattern to the stamp material (large rubber eraser in this case) and cut it out. We are actually making two stamps today, one with the butterfly outline, and one with the color blocks for the wings and body.

An easy way to transfer the pattern to the stamp rubber is to color over your lines with a soft pencil, then place the pattern face down on the rubber and run a tool over the back of the pattern.

You can darken any lines that you need to directly on the stamp.

stamp pattern

Trace over lines if needed

Now, using your handy razor knife set, CAREFULLY cut away the rubber around your pattern lines. This is a stamp, so you’re just removing the top 1/8″.

carve a custom stamp

Cut away excess stamp material

Your end result should look somewhat like this:

butterfly stamp

Butterfly outline stamp

Now, we are going to do the second stamp, but the parts we want to keep are the insides of the wings and body. This time, you’ll carve away your pattern lines and leave the unmarked center of the pattern. Your end result should look something like this:

butterfly wings stamp

Stamp for butterfly wings

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