Wine Bottle Votive Lantern

Garden mood lighting is a category that I completely forgot about until we started updating our patio and seating areas this year.  A few of these lovely lanterns with candles (I like battery powered ones) make a soft friendly flickering light that encourages relaxing and visiting.  I’ve also made a few for friends to take to their parties as hostess gifts.  These are made with fired on decals (tutorial coming soon) for an additional garden feel.  You could use colored wine bottles for a more rainbow effect.

Materials needed:

Cut wine bottle

Copper Foil (optional)

Heavy stiff wire – copper, steel or stainless steel.  I’m using stainless steel in the photos.

smaller bottle for votive holder

votive, either wax or battery


Chain and split ring

Step 1:

Make sure your small bottle will a.  hold the votive, and b.  fit inside the larger bottle:

Step 2:

Bend wire in half to create a loop, the loop needs to be large enough it will not slip through the bottle neck.  This will become the hanging loop for the lantern insert.

Step 3:  Creating the lantern insert:

Put the wire back into the bottle and mark where you would like the small bottle to be suspended inside the lantern:

Add lantern assembly to the wine bottle:

Step 4:  Add hanging chain

Step 5:  Add copper foil to the cut edge of the bottle (optional)

Finished! Slide the bottle up the chain to light candle.

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