Shamrock Kiln CarvingIt’s been a long cold winter here in Salt Lake City, then, suddenly, it’s SPRING!  Ah well, I daresay it will snow soon.  For the kiln carving pattern this month, we’re going to kick things up a notch and make the pattern a little more complex.  There are lots of photos and I’m sure you all will have no trouble whatsoever!

Step 1:

Kiln Carving Pattern - step 1**This kiln carving pattern has expired.  Monthly kiln carving patterns expire 90 days after posting.  Not to worry though, they will be back at the end of the year in the free compilation book.  To see the currently available kiln carving patterns, you can click here**

Step 2:

Kiln Carving Pattern - Step 2Carefully cut out the shaded gray shamrocks with a sharp X-acto knife or razor blade.  I use a new blade for each new project.  Set aside the cut out shamrocks for use later.

Step 3:

March13KCP3Cut out the border of the pattern, and poke holes through the paper to mark where the X’s are.

Step 4:

Kiln Carving Pattern Step 4Place the cut out shamrocks on the dots.  There is a little wiggle room, so arrange them in a way that is pleasing to your eye.  I’ve flipped mine over so they have a rougher texture than the rest of the fiber paper and the cut out shamrocks.

Step 5:

Kiln Carving Pattern Step 5Cut glass to fit over the pattern, or, prepare a bottle that will cover the kiln carving pattern (a magnum wine bottle would do).  Fire to a full fuse.

Step 6:

Kiln Carving Pattern Step 6 Kiln Carving Pattern Step 6bRemove both layers of fiber paper and clean thoroughly.  This piece is now ready for slumping or for drilling and hanging!  Happy St. Patrick’s day!