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Mica Vessel Class – Student Projects

metallic mica on textured recycled glass

Thank you to all of the students who attended the Recycled Glass Mica Vessel class at Kimball Art Center on March 22!  What a fun afternoon, and the student work is gorgeous!

We started the class by choosing a texture of glass.  Students chose between a frost (gluechip) glass (circa 1980’s, from a medical office building in Murray):

mica on gluechip glass

Or a fabric weave glass (circa 1960’s, from a house in the Avenues):

mica on fabric texture glass

Each student had a mica kit with 4 Interference Colors, which are similar to iridized color on glass, and 4 metallic micas.

Shari painting mica

After painting their projects, each student chose whether they wanted a bowl or a vase, and whether the texture should be on the inside or the outside.

This class was so fun, I’ll definitely be doing it again, so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Mica Vessel Class – Student Projects

  1. How did you paint on the mica? Did you use a medium to hold it in place?

  2. @JeannetteCopeland Yes, we are using liquid hairspray as a medium.

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