Today I’m answering reader questions that came in via email.  All personal information has been removed for privacy reasons.  If you have a question that you must, simply must have an answer to, send it on over via the About/Contact page.


Q:   I purchased your Recycled Glass Garden Art class this weekend. Love it so far! (Haven’t completed it yet).

You were talking about the Rock Polishing Grit and said you would put in the notes for the class where you purchase yours. I don’t have access to those notes, since I didn’t watch the free class. Can you please tell me where you purchase?
Thank you. So glad you are doing these classes online. LOVE them!!!

A:  I ended up buying about 300 lbs of grit, so I do have it listed in my online shop:

120/220 Silicon carbide grit

or you can, of course, find it online with some searching.

The other thing we listed was the tumbler itself, which is called the Lot-O-Tumbler, and I purchased it from this company:

The Rock Shed

It’s not cheap, but it is very useful.  (this company sells grit too).

Let me know if I can help with anything else!

Q:  I am after a schedule for melting (just a little) wine bottles but stood upright in kiln? Do you have one or have you ever done it?
I’m looking to create a wonky bottle which will be usable but miss shaped.
Can’t find anything on internet so thought I’d ask you for any ideas on what kiln schedule you would try.

A: I would try this one:

Wine Bottle Drinking Glasses – Advanced

scroll down to the bottom for the firing schedule, there are also some photos of slightly distorted bottles, you may have to tweak it slightly to get the result you want, but this is where I’d start.

Good luck, and let me know how it works out,


Q:  My hobby is glass melting ,which I learned on my own.But I am always interested to get new Ideas from professionals… it seem to me you are…. so far the carving on glass is absolutely new on me I was very impressed from your “three trees” they are absolutely far away from the rest of the carving you can see in the internet ,pls understand it in a positive way. Your carving goes really into the glass ,as far as I can see it from your pictures at least 3mm deep. and now my question ….with what tools???? I hope that you will be so kind and will send me some info….in the meantime my best regards to you

A:  Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate it!  I’m always happy to send info, and to meet another glassworker.  I carve the thick glass using a flex shaft grinder, similar to a dremel tool and various size diamond bits:

Flex Shaft Grinderdiamond carving bits

I set up a jug of water with a thin line and dribble water onto the glass as I carve.  It does take a long time, but I love the results, so I keep doing it.

Next time I do some carving, I’ll make a video so you can see how slow it is.

Have a good week!