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Have a look at some of the recent Tech Tips and see what you think:

–  Punt Marks on Bottles and What They Mean – there’s a code on the bottom of nearly every bottle.  Do you know what it can tell you?

Working with Curved Bottle Glass – How to cut and flatten bottles to give yourself flat glass

RPM’s needed for drilling glass – Manufacturers guide and the reality of shop tools

What a great saw blade can do for you – Why it’s smart to invest in a high quality saw blade, with pictures!

Cracks in glass projects – Different kinds of cracks in glass art and what to do about it.

Kiln Carving Pattern cutting tips – Quick tip to help cut kiln carving patterns without tearing your fiber paper.

Cheap floral formers from Ikea – tool hack to use Ikea stainless tumblers for floral formers.

Using glazed ceramics for slumping molds – The one additional tool that will let you use thrift store bowls as molds.  This one is hugely popular.

Reusing fiber paper kiln carving patterns – How to re-use your kiln carving pattern for multiple firings.

Fusing a hole in glass – Save yourself some drilling time!

Fusing in Brass Loops – Fuse the hanging loops right into the project

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