Aqua and Black Recycled Glass Bowl

Aqua and Black Recycled Glass Bowl

Recycled 1/4″ plate window glass block printed with an original pattern, fused and then slumped.

4 thoughts on “Aqua and Black Recycled Glass Bowl

  1. There are plenty of small shops that take beer bottles and turn them into recycled glassware, but it’s often hard to find your favorite brand, or the online store doesn’t seem like a place you’d want to share your credit card info with.<a href=””>recycled glassware<a/>

  2. Please tell me what you are printing the design with. Thank you

  3. Karenkat ;  Hi Karen;  The printing is done with a rubber stamp that I carved myself, embossing ink (a sticky scrapbooking ink) and Float Fire Frit (made by Armstrong Glass).

  4. That’s amazing. We have a mutual friend Suz M. She talks about you all the time. I am playing with wine bottles and float glass and was looking for an inexpensive method to add some color.

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