Champagne Mirror Eco Resin Stand


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Warm champagne gold Ecoresin stand with a mirror bottom layer gives modern a whole new twist.  This stand will subtly reflect your artwork through the frosted top layer for a different perspective.  Sleek and modern, this one is not for everyone!

Eco resin is a proprietary product of 3Form made with up to 30% recycled materials. Through a partnership with the Restore (Habitat for Humanity) these materials are available to artists for all sorts of projects. We like them best as stands for glass artwork!

Available in two sizes and multiple pin configurations for versatility. The stainless steel rods are 1/8″ thick and coated with a clear heat shrink plastic to protect your artwork. The taller rods are about 1.5″ tall, and the shorter center support rod is 3/8″ tall. Please note available size and pin combinations, the pin width corresponds to the thickness of your glass.  Please choose from the drop down menu.

These stands are remarkably stable for the size and are recommended for artwork up to 6″ x 8″ or a 8″ circle for the small size, for larger artworks use the larger stand.  The rods are quite sturdy with a little flex to firmly grip your artwork without squeezing it too tightly.

Stand thickness: 1/2″

Stand sizes:  Small: about 4″ x 4″ and Large: 4″ x 8″  Stands are handmade and size may vary slightly.

Back:  Mirror Silver

Edges:  Frosted

Top:  Slightly frosted, see detail photos 

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Small, Large

Pin Configuration

Base Only, no pins, 1/4" (6mm) pins width, 3/8" (9mm) pin width, 1/2" (12mm) pin width