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Q:  Where did you get Chewy?

Frit maker for Recycled Glass

“Chewy” the frit maker

A:  Hi there; I built Chewy, I’m about ready to build another  one, this time with a 5 gallon bucket. The garbage can is too large for most of the glass that I grind up. Most electricians can easily add an extension cord to a garbage disposal for you, add the disposal to the container of your choice and you’re good to go. (be careful and safe though!!)  You can read more about how my frit maker is set up here.

Q: What are your thoughts on using a coffee grinder for making small amounts of frit? I’m about to try it as a garbage disposal quantity is way more than I’m looking for. But .. I’m thinking that when I read of using a coffee grinder to make frit that must be for thin glass not my recycled bottles. Your thoughts?

A:  I think a coffee grinder would work on small pieces of glass, but it will wear the motor and the blades out very quickly. I would definitely try to find a coffee grinder at the thrift store for this!

Q: have you figured out how to take a bottle -cut the bottom/cut the top & then make it into a single layer of flat glass??? I want to take the cylinder and score it “long ways” and somehow have it break and lay flat (ish)

Any ideas? Have you already done it?

I have a project in mind & I’d really like to use these wine bottles in my studio/.

advice is appreciated

A:  I do have a tutorial about flattening bottles into sheets, you can read it here.  Creating Flat Fusible Glass From Bottle. I have switched to cutting a 1.25″ (ish) slice out of the bottle the long way and unrolling them to make one larger sheet.  I’ll update the tutorial as soon as I can to reflect both methods.

Q:  First I would like to tell you that I love all your posts. I love your work! Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.
I would like to ask you if the mold making your teaching we are going to learn how to make lasting molds.
I live in Brazil and here we dont´t have acess to ready to buy molds exclusively made for fusing.
Besides that I would like to create my exclusive molds.

A:  Hi there,  the Mold Making Class for Glass Artists covers making your own ceramic molds in great detail, as well as making stainless steel molds and fiber molds.

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