Q & A Mondays are answers to reader questions submitted via email or social media.  All personal information has been removed for privacy reasons and messages have been edited for clarity.  You may submit your own questions through the About/Contact page.

Q: You posted a picture of a recycled glass tiled wall you made for a business.  What did you use to affix the tile to the wall?

A: Here are some pictures of the tiles for a coffee shop that were commissioned by talented interior designer Danielle Tipton (you can follow Danielle on Instagram) The contractor mounted the tiles to the substrate using a silicone based construction adhesive such as Irongrip.

Q: I was watching part of the pattern bar class on curious mondo
and was wondering if you have ever made a pattern bar out of clear float glass and the COE 82 frit for color? Looking at schedules a tack fuse is 1435 approx . would that hold the layers together enough to slice and create?
thanks for your input 🙂 

A: Hi there, i haven’t specifically made pattern bars with float fire, but I have used it in a layered way with float, and I think it would work fine.  I also tried glass paint in thick layers, and it cracked, so I would go with float fire for sure!  Also yes on the tack fuse, usually 100f below full fuse.  Can’t wait to see what you make!

Q: My wife has been “Dabbling” in fusing and slumping glass for a year or so. She has her own kiln, most supplies, and a lot of different types of glass. Her biggest frustration is figuring out kiln firing times, temps, etc. to get her desired effects. I was thinking about purchasing her an online class, or one on one with someone knowledgable with the kiln, for her Birthday present. Any guidance with this idea, or who I may contact, would be deeply appreciated.

A: Hi there, I would actually recommend this as the first step, the Firing Schedules for Kiln Formed Glass ebook, you have to scroll down the page to see it:


I’ve recommended it to many of my students who have all loved it and it has solved many of their firing schedule frustrations.  After that, there are so many classes available online, it would depend on what type of things she wants to make.  I have 30+ online classes, all with recycled glass (window and bottle glass) that can be found at:


Q: Hi, Just wanted to know your thoughts about making a slip-on bangle bracelet from rings cut from wine bottles.  Using 1/8″ tHICK BOTTLE GLASS CUT AT 3/4″ intervals and fused flat.  Would these kind of bangles be to dangerous to sell because of potential breakage?

A: Hi there;  Sorry for the delay, I had to think about this one for a minute.  I actually did sell bangles like this for a while, but it turns out that bracelets are a high impact piece of jewelry, and I did stop selling them because of breakage.  I didn’t have any injuries, but they were fragile enough to make me nervous.  Hope that helps