Jodi answers reader questions about making frit, window glass compatible frits, fusing milk glass

Q: Hi Jodi, we have been saving all of our bottled because I wanted to start working with them is fusing and slumping. My husband has been a stained glass artist for many years but fusing will be new to us. I would like to break down the bottles and use like frit in molds or melt it down. Do you have a recommendation for how to break down the bottles? I saw an expensive bottle crusher online but was hoping you may have a method that you use. thanks

A: For a long time I used a glass grinder that I made with a garbage disposal.  It was effective in crushing bottles for sure!  It did also coat the frit with a layer of dust, so everything had to be washed really well after.  Here’s a link to an article about it:

Q: I purchased a set of diamond rimmed drill bits.  As it turned out, the shaft seems to be too big for my drill press.  Did you have to order an adapter for your set.

A: I didn’t have to buy an adapter for my hole saws, I’m using a drill press from Harbor Freight, it seems to expand enough to use about anything I throw at it.

Please let me know if I can help with anything else.  Stay safe and take good care of yourself.

Q: Do you have any experience working with broken pieces of milk glass that is very thick.  Can I fuse it to itself and at what temperature should I take it to.

A: I have done quite a bit of fusing with milk glass, and it has all been quite disappointing.  I’ve tried temperatures from about 1385-1585F.  It tends to devit quite badly, and doesn’t seem to want to fuse fully.  If you do have good results, please let me know, I could use some good news.

Q: Want to make jewelry from beer bottles – have it mashed into coarse medium and fine/powder green frit, These are the Yuengling bottles a pretty green.  Want to add some blue, white, yellow and clear – frit to it.  Do not know what  COE can be used with glass bottles?  Trying to make a block – then cut into pendants.  Thank you for your help.

A: How lovely to hear from you, this sounds like a wonderful project, isn’t it cathartic to mash frit?  I use Armstrong Glass Fusible Glass & Frit 82 COE for that, it is compatible with float and almost all bottle glass. You can see all of the colors, etc. here:

I would suggest getting on their mailing list as they do have sales occasionally and free shipping specials.  I’m looking forward to seeing what you make.  Please stay safe and take good care.