Jodi McRaney RushoToday I’m answering questions about beads and mica and house numbers.  These are reader questions as I receive them, some details have been changed or deleted to protect personal information.  If you have a question, please feel free to send it through the contact form.  Thanks for reading!

Q: Love getting your emails and looking at your site. I was looking at the making triangle beads and can’t wait to make a mold. Any chance I can get the blog that tells how to make the beads? Thank you

A: Hi there; Here is the link to the follow up post that shows how to fuse beads with the triangle mold. I’d love to see what you come up with!

Q: (Translated from Spanish) Hi Jodi !! m love these tips, More pcs have to experience, we are very limited by the entrance to this country almost zero due to the stocks, we can only get $ 25 dollars, which does not mean anything, I love their bullseye Techniques and anything having to do with that glass q when you have material you send me appreciate what I am researching bullseye reagents and technique of pate Verre.Cariños thanks for showing evidence of metallic colors, to temperature arrive?

A: Hi there; I don’t speak Spanish very well, so I hope that you can translate my answer from English! The metallic color in the last newsletter are from mica lusters. These products are made from finely ground minerals and are quite inexpensive. I have used both Thompson Enamels Carefree Lusters and tested the mica’s from Kaiser Glass. Links to both are below:


The lusters are mixed with liquid hairspray until creamy and painted on the glass. When fired to below 1400 degrees F, the colors are bright and metallic. If you fire over 1400 degrees, the metallic stays, but you lose some of the color. These work on all kinds of glass.

Q: On your site I saw some slumped bottles with numbers that were attached to a brick house
Very good idea but how is it attached? I didn’t see anything ,hooks or holes in the bottles

A: The bottles are glued to a board that is painted black. I use a weatherproof silicone to glue them, then there are small holes in the board in between the bottles (very hard to see) and the board is attached to the brick with anchors. The house is in a very windy area so it needs to be very secure.

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