Happy Halloween!  Today I’m answering reader emails in between playing with a black cat and being generally spooky.  These are all questions that were emailed to me, with the replies and all personal info removed.  If you have a question of your very own, you can send it to me through the about/contact page, and I’ll eventually get back to you.  Please be patient, the cats refuse to answer questions, and I get a ton every week.  Thanks!

Q:  Hi Jodi,

Hope you are well. Enjoy receiving your newsletter.

My question is what is the best way to reapply a wine bottle label after slumping the wine bottle. I have had request for the label to be put back on after the slump.  I decoupage the label on the back of the slumped bottle. Do you have a better suggestion.

Thank you,

A:  I think the way you do it is the best way I’ve seen.  I do get a lot of questions about how to get the label off in one piece, if you have any suggestions for others about that, let me know. Have a good week! (READERS:  If you have a tip about reattaching labels to slumped bottles, please let me know.)

Q:  Hi Jodie. I’ve been getting your emails for quite some time now and asked previously about overseas orders. I’m from Perth, Western Australia and predominantly work with wine bottles and would love to order some of your bottle bottom moulds. You weren’t posting overseas last time I enquires but suggested you may look at it. I wondered if you were as yet and if so what the postage costs would be.  Thanks

 Ps.. love your tutorials, thank you.
A:  We do now have international shipping,  yay!  The easiest way to get a shipping estimate is to start an order on the website, put the molds into the cart, click continue checkout and it will give you a shipping estimate with your options.  That happens before you place the order, so you aren’t committing to anything at that point.

Or, you can send me your address and the molds you like and I’ll get a shipping estimate for you.

Thanks!  I’m glad you like the tutorials, I have such fun making them, it’s good to hear they are enjoyed!

Q:  I read that you use a Toyo bottle cutter to cut glass…is what what you use to cut off the bottoms as well?  I have a bottle cutter (that I roll the bottle on for the score, etc) – but it will only get to within an inch or 1/2 of the bottom of the bottle…

I’m wondering if I was using my hand held Toyo how I could steady the bottle and cut around the bottom real close…  do you do it by hand, or use a saw?

appreciate your help,

A:  I do use a Toyo cutter to cut the middle part of the bottle into pieces.  I use a tile saw to cut the top and bottom off.  I started with one of those bottle cutter thingies, but realized that I’d prefer more control, and definitely more speed!

With a little practice, you can definitely use your cutter to score the bottle by hand.  It does take a steady hand for sure.