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Well, hello there, welcome to Glass With a Past!

Here I can help you learn everything there is to know about making fabulous art with recycled glass, bottles, windows and whatever else we can find.

While we do have an occasional mention of art glass, our primary focus is on fusing and casting with recycled glass.

So, kick off your shoes, grab a glass of wine and stay awhile.

Newsletter Archive:

The newsletter covers tech tips and tricks about working with recycled bottle glass that aren’t covered on the blog.  Newsletter readers also get first crack at new workshops, books and tools before the rest of the world.  It’s free, just drop your name and e-mail in the box and you’re good to go.  Also?  You can leave any time.  Ready to browse?  Go to the Archive.


Some good, some really great, and some downright inspired recycled glass tutorials, even if you are an absolute beginner, we have things for you.  Go to Tutorials.


If you’re ready to go to the next step and take a class or workshop, we have options for you.  Workshops are 3 hour events that focus on making one specific project.  Classes are in depth and focus on exploring techniques.

Tools, Components and other Goodies:

Premade recycled glass jewelry components, donuts and other things, sometimes in hard to find colors, shapes and sizes to save you time and add a little extra zing to your fused glass project.


If you’re in the mood for real time recycled glass discussion and to meet some talented glass folks, feel free to hop over to the Glass With a Past facebook page and follow me there.


If you’d like to see the inspiration behind the scenes, you’re welcome to follow me on the Glass With a Past Pinterest feed and see what kind of crazy things attract my attention.

Nice to meet you, I hope you enjoy your stay here!